5 steps to find van insurance with Uswitch

Using the details you provide we can get you insurance quotes from leading UK insurance providers and brokers. Read our 5-step guide to finding a list of van insurance policies that are right for you.

What you will need to have ready

  • Your van details and registration number

  • details of claims and convictions

  • your estimated annual mileage

  • driver’s license details for all drivers

Step 1: What you need to get started with your van insurance quote

Here’s what you’ll need to prepare:

  • Your van details and registration number

  • Details of complaints and convictions

  • Your estimated annual mileage

  • Driver’s license details for all drivers

Step 2: Complete our online quote form

To help us purchase van insurance for you, you will need to provide us with:

  • Certain personal data, including your name, address and profession

  • Your policy requirements

  • Details of your driver’s license

  • Your driving history

  • Details of your business

  • Details of your van including model, year of purchase, use

  • Details of all safety devices that have been installed

The information you provide will help us create a list of the most relevant van insurance options for you.

It is important to answer all questions honestly. If you don’t, your van insurance provider may deny any claim you make on your policy.

Step 3: Compare insurers

Based on the information you provide, we will show you a list of van insurance providers with quotes for annual premium, first payments and monthly payments, and details of any special offers.

Step 4: Choose your van insurance plan

You will now be able to refine the results, find out more about the different van insurers and take out your van insurance online or by phone.

Be aware that you may be asked other questions before your van insurance quote is accepted.

Step 5: What Happens Next

What can you expect after purchasing your new van insurance policy? Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Is Uswitch my van insurance provider?

No – Uswitch is not an insurer or underwriter of pickup trucks. We simply help you compare and get van insurance quotes from leading UK insurers and brokers so it is easy for you to decide on the best van insurance policy for you.

How do I know what I’m covered for?

Your insurer will send you a policy document, either online or by mail. This provides all the details of the coverage you have paid for.

What if I want to cancel my van insurance policy?

You have a 14-day withdrawal period. Contact the insurer within this period for a full refund.

How to make a complaint?

Your van insurance provider’s policy document will include contact information for making a claim.

Make sure you keep all of your van insurance documents in a safe place.

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