A US-based human rights group officially acknowledges the 1989-1991 ‘Hindu Kashmir Genocide’

Washington: The International Commission on Human Rights and Religious Freedom (ICHRRF), a US-based non-profit organization, has called on the government of India and the government of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir to recognize the atrocities committed in 1989-1991 against the Hindus of Kashmir as an act of genocide.

The Commission urges other human rights organizations, international bodies and governments to intervene and officially recognize these atrocities as an act of genocide. The world must listen to these deeply moving stories, seriously question the impact of their political expediency silence and inaction, and make proper recognition, he said.

The International Commission on Human Rights and Religious Freedom is a United States-based nonprofit organization focused on advancing human rights and religious freedom through ongoing monitoring, political intervention and collaboration.

IHRHF held a special public hearing on the issue of Kashmir Hindu Genocide (1989-1991) on March 27, 2022, during which a number of victims and survivors of ethnic and cultural cleansing testified under oath and submitted proofs.

Deeply heartbreaking, several Kashmiri Hindu victims of genocide, ethnic cleansing and exile from their homeland, bravely shared their traumatic stories of endurance, survival and recovery from horrific human rights abuses in hands of radical Islamic terrorists that reflected the Jewish Holocaust. Thousands of houses and temples were destroyed. More than 4,00,000 Hindu men, women and children in Kashmir were forced into exile by Islamic terrorists at gunpoint, expelled from their homes and everything they knew . Women have been gang-raped, cut in half with a saw and killed in the most brutal manner.

Now that culture is on the brink of extinction after self-advocacy failed for 32 years. Those who have chosen to remain in their homeland have done so in faith, believing in the goodness of their neighbors. Victims and survivors affirmed hope, peace, non-violence and safety, and found themselves raped, tortured and executed by radical Islamic terrorists. The abused corpses were denied cultural and desecrated burial traditions in a psychological warfare to intimidate and control the remnant masses, the statement said.

Having lived peacefully for thousands of years as an indigenous religious minority, the call for help from these Kashmiri Hindus has fallen on deaf ears around the world. While it was to some extent expected that each nation and each media would choose what and how much it reported on world events, it was excruciatingly painful when politicians, neighbors, friends , classmates and local police turned a blind eye and turned a deaf ear.

“These victims seek to rectify complicity and silence. They respectfully request recognition, recognition, courts, justice and rehabilitation. Gratitude is the first step in healing those traumas that have affected families socially, economically, medically and spiritually. This genocide should never happen again,” the body said.

The Hindu victims of Kashmir demand recognition and acknowledgment of the terrible crimes of ethnic cleansing, exile and genocide.

They also call for the appointment of a commission of inquiry into the genocide and ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Kashmir to prevent future atrocities.

Their demand includes holding the authors and their sponsors legally accountable. All the perpetrators and those who encouraged it, either by omission or by commission, must be identified, charged, tried and punished.

Rehabilitation of victims and survivors and safe areas to practice their faith and cultural traditions. Children must be able to grow and develop with their roots and learn their culture.

They also demanded government financial aid programs to alleviate the plight of economically weak Kashmiri Hindu families and permission to establish a Kashmiri Hindu Holocaust Museum.


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