Andy Rubin leaves the Google scene on the left

If, as Android users, we can thank an individual for seeing the Android project become the juggernaut of the mobile space that it is today, we can quote Andy Rubin. Rubin, who started in Silicon Valley in hardware, worked for Apple and Microsoft before co-founding Android Inc. Android then became part of Google under his control until 2013, when that torch was passed to Sundar Picahi. In a press release from CEO Larry Page, we now know that Rubin is no longer part of Google.

We know that Rubin returns to an original passion. He will join an “incubator” which will help launch hardware start-ups. From what we understand, he’s not been part of Android since Pichai was appointed to take over that division. He had been working in the robotics branch of the company for a year.

In the Google press release, Larry Page congratulated Rubin on his work in creating this hugely popular mobile operating system. He declares,

I want to wish Andy the best for the future. With Android, he created something truly remarkable, with over a billion happy users. Thank you.

Rubin wears an impressive resume with him on his next adventure. His first contract took him to work as a robotics engineer for Carl Zeiss, an optical company. He then accepted a job as a manufacturing engineer for Apple before moving to General Magic, an offshoot of Apple. There he was working on the development of portable mobile devices. It was in 1992.

He then worked as an engineer with MSN TV (originally WebTV). He co-founded Danger Inc. which brought us the T-Mobile Sidekick and was later taken over by Microsoft. As the co-founder of Android Inc, he caught the search giant’s attention in Mountain View and became a member of Google. From 2005 to 2013, he was at the head of Android before ending his Google career at Google X working in robotics.

Now he’s going to spot and nurture the next wave of hardware talent using his impressive resume and experience. It’s sad to see him go and I owe him immense gratitude for getting Android off the ground and putting it in the hands of millions of users. We wish him good luck in all his future endeavors.

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