Bandits lost their human rights when they took up arms against Nigeria – Ndume responds to activists

The Chairman of the Senate Army Committee, Senator Ali Ndume, said that bandits, terrorists and other criminals should not be spared from the onslaught of the military and other security agents.

He said terrorists, bandits and other criminal gangs, who are being bombed in the north of the country, have lost their “human rights” as they take up arms against the state and the people, warning those who warn security guards to be mindful of the human rights of criminals not to “play the devil”.

Lawmaker representing Borno South Senate District maintained his stance that terrorists should be wasted at once once caught, as he lamented the enormous losses they inflicted on innocent citizens during the last years.

Senator Ndume said this when asked to talk about military operations in the northwest and other places in relation to the human rights of criminal elements by journalists in Abuja.

He rebuked those who accused the military of not being aware of the human rights of bandits in their operations, stressing that in times of war there were bound to be casualties.

He said: “We are facing serious gunmen and it affects us all and when the army is up to the task the next thing you start talking about is human rights, massacres and the like, so what do you want the army to do? ? Don’t fight? Not to have casualties during the fight?

“One of the major problems in this country is the press. Instead of playing the angel, they play the devil. Why don’t you play angel? We are fighting this war and I don’t know if you are from the Northwest and go over there to see what these people have done with your life.

“If we can identify the bandits who have killed people recklessly, we don’t have to waste time killing them. When we start to talk about human rights, what right? What about the rights of the people who were killed, the children who were killed and the women who were raped and when the Nigerian army ambushes them then you start asking me about the rights humans. “

He insisted that the military should go ahead killing them while the legislature does everything possible to provide them with the necessary legislative support.

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