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While some think the sweetest rewards in life are the hard-earned rewards, I feel different. Although I appreciate the importance of the effort, I cherish the graces of life even more. If it goes without saying that our work bears fruit, how can we explain that good fortune occurs without our being responsible for it?

As an example, having other pilots make up for my mistakes is just one of the ways I was spared a fate I deserved. Since so many repayments bring life, I can’t help but savor them. With that in mind, this article will cover one money-making opportunity that is made even more enjoyable by the fact that it comes from a second chance:

• What: As unlikely as it sounds, our great state has millions of forgotten accounts, uncashed checks, uncashed deposits, and abandoned safes. Over time, the money in these accounts ends up in the custody of the Texas Comptroller’s Office. In fact, because of all the oversights, there is about $ 3.8 billion waiting to be claimed by the Texans. In Lubbock alone, there are over thousands of outstanding debts.