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CAIRO – August 10, 2022: The Egyptian Ministry of Electricity has affirmed that Egypt does not face any energy shortages and has sufficient reserves to meet energy needs.

The ministry’s remarks come after the government announced a strict plan to rationalize energy consumption, including reducing street lighting and regulating the use of air conditioners in public buildings.

In remarks to Al-Hayah TV, Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy spokesman Ayman Hamza said the government’s rationalization plan aims to maximize the economic benefits of natural gas resources. from the country.

Hamza urged citizens to carry out routine maintenance of their air conditioning systems to save energy consumption, adding that the ministry had recently switched to using fuel-efficient units to generate electricity.

He revealed that the state is currently working to expand the use of locally produced fuel oil for power generation purposes to boost the county’s natural gas exports for greater foreign exchange earnings.

The government will launch its strict plan next week, Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli said on Tuesday.

At a press conference, Madbouli detailed the streamlining plan, saying that exterior lighting in government buildings would be shut down. Also, the lighting of public squares, streets and main axes will be cut.

He added that malls and public stores would close at 11 p.m., according to daylight saving time, noting that the temperature of air conditioners in malls would be set at 25 degrees or higher.

The Prime Minister stressed that the Ministry of Youth and Sports is coordinating with sports clubs and federations to determine closure dates and reduce lighting in stadiums and giant facilities, except for social clubs.

He noted that the Ministries of Electricity and Petroleum are working on a power plant re-engineering plan so that priority is given to plants that consume less natural gas and generate more electricity, such as the three high-powered Siemens plants. loads.

The move could help save the most natural gas for export amid rising energy prices, Madbouli said.

He pointed out that the government has decided to postpone the increase in electricity prices by six months until the beginning of 2023.

The prime minister said the state aims to secure an additional surplus in the 15% of natural gas volume that is directed to power plants, noting that this amount could be exported to earn foreign exchange for the country’s coffers.

The Prime Minister urged citizens to rationalize the use of electricity at home to support the government’s energy consumption rationalization plan.

Madbouli said the state is currently looking to export natural gas, which is considered the most important resource the country has.

He added that the State has made huge investments in the natural gas sector in recent years to export the greatest amount of this natural resource which is one of its main sources of income, in the midst of the current global energy crisis.

The prime minister noted that all ministries would be instructed to turn off the lights in their buildings after the end of official working hours, with the exception of service buildings.

He announced that as part of measures to rationalize energy consumption, the exterior lighting of government buildings will be cut and the lighting of public squares, streets and main axes reduced.

Additionally, he said, stadiums, indoor venues and shopping malls will be asked to close early each evening; at 11 p.m. maximum.

He noted that the temperature of air conditioners in major malls and buildings would be set at 25 degrees or higher.

The Prime Minister urged citizens to rationalize the use of electricity at home to support the government’s energy consumption rationalization plan.

The Prime Minister said that the Egyptian state was working to increase its hard currency resources, reduce the import bill through relevant recent measures and benefit from available natural resources such as natural gas, which, he noted, can secure hard currencies.

The strategic vision that President Abdel Fattah El Sisi asked the government to adopt almost four years ago aimed to increase investments in the production and generation of natural gas, in particular through the Zohr gas field, he added.

Before the exploitation of the Zohr field, Egypt imported natural gas to meet its demand, the Prime Minister said, praising in this regard Sisi’s willingness to exploit the project as soon as possible.

Madbouli said the government took a decision in October 2021 to supply power plants with fuel oil instead of natural gas to be used to generate electricity; through cooperation between the Ministry of Electricity and the Ministry of Petroleum.

This ensured a natural gas surplus of $100 million to $150 million per month, he added.

Madbouli said the Egyptian state is taking several steps to deal with the unprecedented crises faced by developed and developing countries, which he said are suffering from both the energy challenge and the consumption rationalization challenge.

Madbouli added that the state will launch a package of exceptional social measures in late August or early September; in accordance with the relevant directives of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi to ease the burden on Egyptian citizens.

Measures have been taken to relieve the pressure on hard currency resources following the doubling of prices of imported raw materials, in particular petroleum products and basic products such as wheat and corn, the Prime Minister noted. .

He added that the state has worked according to a clear plan to increase exports, promote local components and support the tourism sector.

MENA contributed to the report.

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For Immediate Release: August 5, 2022


Waiea is the first new reservation established on the island of Hawaii in 35 years

(KONA) – An approximately 1,260-acre parcel in Waiea, Hawai’i Island, has been designated as part of the State Natural Areas Reserve (NAR) system managed by the Division of DLNR Forests and Wildlife (DOFAW).

The Waiea NAR contains moist forests dominated by koa and ‘ōhi’a on the western flank of Mauna Loa in the South Kona District. It is an excellent habitat for birds and rare forest plants. In fact, wild ʻalalā (Hawaiian crow) were last seen in Waiea.

The new reserve is about 1.5 miles mauka (upland) from where Highway 11 (Mamalahoa Hwy) intersects Ho’okena Beach Road. While NAR is generally open for hiking and nature study, this area is currently landlocked by adjoining private land, so there is currently no access.

Waiea is unique because it has a distinct seasonality compared to other forests in the NAR system. It evolved under a wet summer season, while most Hawaiian rainforests evolved with a wet winter season.

The NAR system seeks to keep these forests as intact as possible, preserving the plants and wildlife that have evolved over millennia to become unique to the islands. The protection of these species perpetuates the cultural practices that have evolved with these ancient landscapes.

These native Hawaiian forests absorb rain, providing vital water, while reducing erosion on the beaches and reefs below. NARs enjoy the highest levels of state protection to ensure that current and future generations can continue to experience these incredible places that make Hawaiʻi so unique.

Those interested in learning more and giving back to the NAR system can take an online tour and make donations that will support the planting of native trees or the removal of invasive species like rats or feral goats, which can wipe out the last known individuals of extremely rare species. This support is essential for local conservation work.

# # #


(All images/videos courtesy of DLNR)

Photographs – Waiea Nature Reserve:

Natural Area Reserves History Map and Donation Form:

Media Contact:

Dan Denison

Senior Communications Manager

[email protected]

New executive director encourages protection of area’s natural resources – St George News Thu, 04 Aug 2022 02:22:52 +0000 ST. GEORGE- A passion for the outdoors led the new executive director of Conserve Southwest Utah to give up her career and move to St. George. Although a successful civil engineer specializing in water resources engineering in California, Holly Snow Canada felt something was missing.

Holly Snow Canada and her dog Smokey hike in the Tushar Mountains in Utah, location and date not specified | Photo courtesy of Holly Snow Canada, St. George News

“It was intellectually challenging work, but I felt like I lacked the passion for what I was doing,” Canada said. “I’ve always felt connected to the outdoors and felt this desire to want to protect outdoor spaces and natural and cultural resources.”

At first, Canada and her husband Spencer came to southern Utah for a year-long sabbatical. Then she found a job with young people and the outdoors. Five years later, the couple is still in the region. Canada has worked in several different organizations and has developed communication skills to complement her engineering abilities.

“I guess you’re not surprised to learn that as an engineer, I felt like I didn’t develop the communication and interpersonal skills that I wanted,” Canada said. “So when I moved here, I was able to take on more positions with people.

“I learned to give feedback in an employment context. And in my personal life too, I learned to communicate better with others. In addition, I learned to manage people and large budgets.

Moving to the desert allowed him to learn more about the natural resources of southern Utah. She wanted to learn the names of plants and animals, as well as understand the history and context of the area. So she decided to get certified as a Utah Master Naturalist from Utah State University through its extension program.

Volunteers at an event organized by Conserve Southwest Utah, date and location not specified | Photo courtesy of Conserve Southwest Utah

“I like to be curious about the world around me,” said Canada. “I think it’s a great way to introduce people to the outdoors and get them excited about protecting places. So, by taking this certification course, I learned a lot of things around us that I could share with others in my daily life and my different jobs. Thus, I could create enthusiasm for the world around us.

Haines Art, president of Preserve Southwest The Utah board said it was the first time an executive director had been hired. He said Canada is coordinating with the office team and operations, “working hand-in-hand with me, the president and our board.”

Haines said she manages day-to-day operations and sets policies and strategies to move the nonprofit forward.

“Holly has a wonderful mix of rigor and real winning ways,” he said.

The organization’s role in the community has grown considerably over the years. They have three internal employees, including Canada.

“We have reached where we are a strong voice in the use of public lands, and in particular the Northern Corridor Highway, advocating other alternatives to paving a road through the National Conservation Area” , Haines said. “We brought in professional staff who are good at communicating and understanding the issues.”

He added that the office team has an understanding of the issues that are decided not only locally, but also in Washington DC.

Another experience Canada credits for giving her insight into how to run organizations is the small business she and her husband founded. Superbloom Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee shop in Santa Clara. They also use their business to benefit the local environment, public lands and their community.

While dating, the couple often enjoyed going out for coffee. On their third date, Spencer made the most delicious cup of coffee Holly had ever had. Whenever they travel, they always enjoy discovering local cafes. They also enjoy camping and exploring the landscape.

Superbloom Coffee Roasters is an established Benefit LLC. The company is focused on people, the planet and ultimately, profit. Canada said his company strives to give back to the community and emphasizes public lands. She hopes to show people how to be advocates for the trails and public lands that are unique to southern Utah.

Canada said they were grateful to have the opportunity to work with a great team at Conserve Southwest Utah. The non-profit group’s mission is to promote the conservation and stewardship of the region’s natural and cultural resources. They also advocate smart growth policies that enable conservation for the benefit of present and future generations.

“I think living in St. George, Utah is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I appreciate the austere vastness of the desert environment,” said Canada. “I love that the beauty here is subtle in a way that is different from other landscapes and environments. To appreciate it, you really have to get out and be there in nature.

In tune with nature, one can see the little wonders that one would not expect to see. Sometimes they are small, like a bird’s nest nestled in a spiky plant. And sometimes it’s a beautiful sunset at the end of the day, she says.

Canada encourages people to get out, experience these moments and share them with friends and family.

“The more we understand what precious place we live in, hopefully it will lead our community to come together and decide that they want to take action to protect these places,” Canada said.

Conserve Southwest Utah is committed to protecting the public lands and water of Southwest Utah for future generations. Canada said it denounces projects that may endanger local resources, such as the Northern Corridor Highway and the Lake Powell Pipeline.

Canada said the mission of the non-profit group is to advocate for smart growth policies. According to the group’s website, smart growth refers to urban and regional planning principles that create livable communities and avoid sprawl.

The main principles of Smart growth are:

  1. Protect natural and cultural resources, encourage walkable neighborhoods, provide housing options, promote alternative transportation and maximize economic prosperity.
  2. Smart Growth is the comprehensive approach that guides Conserve Southwest Utah’s public land and water programs.

“As the fastest growing metropolitan area in the country, St George must adopt smart growth strategies to ensure economic, social and environmental sustainability,” Canada said.

The group also offers volunteer opportunities on public lands. Some of the activities include replanting vegetation that has been lost in fires and watering plants. There were also wildlife viewing hikes and forest fire prevention workshops.

“You can come together and meet like-minded people who would like to protect these places. I think we individuals can make a difference,” Canada said.

Conserve Southwest Utah is Washington County’s only nonprofit conservation organization advocating for the protection of local public lands.

“We cannot do it alone. We rely on volunteers to help with community events and our wonderful donors for financial support. Membership is a fantastic way to meet others who are passionate about protecting beautiful Southwestern Utah,” said Canada.

To learn about upcoming events, volunteer, or receive crucial action alerts, sign up for the Conserve Southwest Utah website.

Copyright St.George News, LLC, 2022, all rights reserved.

Canadian Natural (CNQ) will publish its second quarter results: what are we waiting for? – August 2, 2022 Tue, 02 Aug 2022 13:04:28 +0000

Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNQ Free Report) is expected to release second quarter results on August 4. Zacks’ current consensus estimate for the quarter to report is earnings of $2.08 per share on revenue of $7.8 billion.

Let’s take a look at the factors that may have influenced the performance of this independent energy company in the June quarter. But it’s worth taking a look at CNQ’s previous quarter performance first.

Highlights of first quarter results and history of surprises

In the last reported quarter, this Calgary, Alberta-based upstream operator beat the consensus mark on achieving higher commodity prices and increasing production year-over-year . CNQ had reported adjusted earnings per share of $2.26, 32 cents above Zacks’ consensus estimate. The $8.4 billion in revenue generated by the company is also above Zacks’ consensus estimate of $6.8 billion.

The company has beaten the Zacks consensus estimate in each of the past four quarters, leading to an earnings surprise of 17.6% on average. This is represented in the graph below:

Factors to consider

Canadian Natural Resources is expected to benefit from higher commodity prices. In the January-March period, the company’s realized natural gas price jumped 57% to C$4.35 per thousand cubic feet from the C$2.77 level a year ago. a year. Additionally, the realized price of oil and NGLs jumped 77.6% to C$93.54 per barrel from C$52.68 in the first quarter of 2021. The rise is expected to have continued. in the second quarter, oil and gas prices remained high thanks to geopolitical tensions and strained fundamentals. This price increase likely supported the Canadian company’s revenue and cash flow.

The company should also have reaped the rewards of higher production in the quarter. In the prior three-month period, Canadian Natural reported production of 1,280,180 barrels of oil equivalent per day, up about 2.8% from a year ago. The momentum should have continued in the quarter ahead, as CNQ continues to produce impressive volumes from its large portfolio of low-risk exploration and development projects with strong international exposure.

Why a probable positive surprise?

Our proven model predicts higher earnings for CNQ this season. The combination of a positive Earnings ESP and a Zacks rank of #1 (Strong Buy), 2 (Buy), or 3 (Hold) increases the odds of beating Earnings.

You can discover the best stocks to buy or sell before they’re flagged with our earnings ESP filter.

Canadian Natural Resources has an earnings ESP of +0.84% ​​and a Zacks #3 ranking.

Other actions to consider

CNQ isn’t the only energy company watching this earnings cycle. Here are a few other space companies you might want to consider based on our model:

Delek US Holdings, Inc. (DK Free Report) has a +4.07% Earnings ESP and a #1 Zacks Rank. The company is expected to release its results on August 4.

You can see the full list of today’s Zacks #1 Rank stocks here.

For 2022, Delek US Holdings forecasts a profit growth rate of 353.5%. Valued at around $2.4 billion, DK has gained 55.7% in one year.

Calumet, LP Specialty Product Partners (CLMT Free Report) has a +30.00% Earnings ESP and Zacks Rank #2. The company is expected to release its results on August 5.

Calumet has exceeded the Zacks consensus estimate by 22.2% on average over the past four quarters. The CLMT gained 89.7% in one year.

Conoco Phillips (COP Free Report) has a gain ESP of +1.21% and a Zacks rank #3. The company is expected to release its results on August 4.

For 2022, ConocoPhillips forecasts a profit growth rate of 143.6%. Valued at around $126 billion, the COP has gained 75.9% in one year.

Stay on top of upcoming earnings announcements with Zacks Earnings Calendar.

David Y.Ige | DLNR Press Release: Polihale State Park to Reopen for Overnight Camping Sat, 30 Jul 2022 01:02:40 +0000

DLNR Press Release: Polihale State Park to Reopen for Overnight Camping

Published on Jul 29, 2022 in Latest news from the department, Press room

(HONOLULU) – More than two years after closing, due to COVID concerns and issues of overuse and abuse, Polihale State Park will reopen to overnight camping beginning August 14, 2022. Reservations will be available online from August 1 and can be made up to 90 days in advance.

As of December 2020, Kaua’i’s popular beach and camping area is for day use only. Camping without a permit, driving on the beach and dunes, and general careless behavior led to the park’s indefinite closure in July. Going forward, DLNR’s Division of State Parks (DSP) expects overnight visitors to camp responsibly and take steps to restore positive management of the area.

Stories of Hawaiian marine life bouncing around in the absence of people were countless during the pandemic. Since Polihale closed in 2020, two monk seal pups have been born in the park. The first was only a few weeks ago and Mom is still nursing her on the beach. Notably, these are the first two monk seals recorded at Polihale since 1962.

Besides its natural beauty, with dramatic cliffs and a stunning beach, the park is also a setting of cultural significance. The sand dunes, some reaching over 100 feet high, contain Hawaiian burial sites and are key habitat for the critically endangered Lau’ehu and ‘Ohai plant species. The DSP hopes that greater awareness of the value of Polihale can change mentalities and improve the general behavior of park users. However, DSP has taken proactive measures, including installing additional signs and placing numerous boulders as barriers to the passage of unauthorized vehicles through the most sensitive areas of the dunes, between Poʻoahonu (Queen`s Pond) and the areas equipped campsites.

In addition, DLNR engaged the services of PBR Hawaiʻi to initiate a public outreach and consultation effort to plan future management and improvements at Polihale to improve resource protection and water quality. experience. PBR Hawaiʻi is the company that helped guide the Hāʻena State Park Master Plan through its implementation. This plan has been hailed as a model of community management and overtourism mitigation. The Polihale survey is an opportunity for the community to share input and concerns on a vision for the park and can be viewed on the DLNR website.

The remote location and sheer size, however, make it difficult to enforce park rules in Polihale. If the old abuses return, the campsite could be closed again. That’s where the help of dedicated residents comes in, because even with posted rules and times, it’s a shared kuleana.

“We look forward to welcoming overnight campers to Polihale, in limited numbers as befits the location,” said Alan Carpenter, DSP Deputy Administrator. “The timing of this late summer reopening is deliberate, as holiday weekends have been the most used and damaged. to Polihale’s fragile resources due to high usage. By next summer, we intend to have additional protective measures in place, including a pair of new Westside park interpretive technicians (Rangers) to patrol and educate park visitors.

Mālama ka ‘aina is about staying alert to suspected illegal activities. Anyone who witnesses suspicious or illegal actions in a Hawai’i State Park is urged to call DLNR’s Division of Conservation and Resource Enforcement (DOCARE) immediately at 643-DLNR (3567) or download (for free) the DLNR Tip application, which allows real-time reports with the submission of photographs.

# # #


(All images/videos courtesy of DLNR)

HD Video – Linear descendants of Polihale plead for good behavior (February 9, 2021)

HD Video – Polihale State Park (December 2020)

Photographs – Polihale State Park (December 2020)

To make reservations online:

To answer the Polihale survey:

Media Contact:

Ryan Aguilar

Communications Specialist

Hawaii Department of Lands and Natural Resources

[email protected]


Husqvarna and GreenSight Partner to Launch First Major Golf and Sports Course Management Software Integrating Autonomous Mowing Systems Thu, 28 Jul 2022 13:00:00 +0000

Husqvarna, a world leader in the design and manufacture of outdoor equipment, pioneered robotic mowing and changed the way professionals maintain their lawn with the iconic Husqvarna Automower. and Husqvarna CEORA robotic mowers. GreenSight, a leader in robotics for agriculture and defense, defines the benefits of everyday drone imaging in golf and sports grounds with TurfCloud, GreenSight’s leading cloud-based turf management platform. GreenSight. TurfCloud also allows turf professionals to proactively monitor and manage their turf and teams.

“Our silent and emission-free Automower® Combined with GreenSight’s suite of digital management tools, sensors and imagery, this is a revolutionary advancement in turf management for golf courses, sports facilities and other public green spaces.” , said Jason Connor, director of commercial robotics at Husqvarna. “Our EPOS™ technology offers unparalleled flexibility and eliminates the need for physical peripheral cables, making Automower® a perfect complement to the GreenSight digital solution.”

“Bringing together two leaders in ground and aerial robotics is a natural partnership that has resulted in an industry-changing turf management solution,” said James Peveril, CEO of GreenSight. “Integrating Husqvarna robotic mowers into our TurfCloud golf course management system creates an effective and efficient solution for golf course superintendents and turf managers that makes their jobs easier while improving turf quality and reducing personnel resource constraints The new platform brings together all turf managers drone imagery, sensor data, agronomic tools, labor planning systems and robotics in one digital command center revolutionary integrated.”

About Husqvarna
Husqvarna is a brand of the Husqvarna Group. Since 1689, Husqvarna has been manufacturing high performance products and delivering groundbreaking innovations such as anti-vibration and automatic chain break on chainsaws, as well as robotic mowers. Today, Husqvarna offers a wide range of high performance outdoor power products for parks, forest and garden, and represents technology leadership in key areas; chainsaws, brushcutters, ride-on mowers and robot mowers. Husqvarna products are sold in over 100 countries, primarily through service dealers. Visit here to learn more.

About GreenSight
Based at Boston, MA, GreenSight is a comprehensive developer of small unmanned aircraft, robotic systems, avionics hardware, and AI/autonomy software for commercial and defense applications. Leveraging its GreenSight robotics platform, the company has successfully executed projects and deployed automated robotic solutions with more than 400 companies and government agencies since its inception in 2015. GreenSight operates one of the world’s largest networks of automated intelligence drones that has performed more than 12,000 remote-controlled flights. and counting since the commercial launch of the system in 2016. Visit to learn more.


Musang King Farm Violates Terms of Gunung Inas Forest Farm Project, Minister Says Tue, 26 Jul 2022 03:57:00 +0000

Energy and Natural Resources Minister Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan speaks during a question and answer session at Dewan Rakyat in Kuala Lumpur on July 20, 2022. – Bernama pic

By Radzi Razak

Tuesday, July 26, 2022 11:57 AM MYT

KUALA LUMPUR, July 26 – Musang King was not one of the durian species sanctioned for cultivation under the Ladang hutan (forest farm) in Gunung Inas.

Energy and Natural Resources Minister Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan told parliament that although the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) did not allow hybrid durian to be planted in the area, it had been grown there since 2017.

His comments came after Baling residents blamed the existence of the farm for the region’s worst flooding in recent memory earlier this month.

“In 2019, the then government approved the cultivation of Musang King on more than 20% of the area.

“The Kedah Forest Department (JPNK) considered this a violation of conditions as Musang King is not a plantation forest species, but 5,000 trees were planted on 52 hectares on the slopes of Gunung Inas.

“In 2020, JPNK through the current mentri besar ordered an immediate halt to this durian tree planting activity,” he told Dewan Rakyat today.

Takiyuddin was responding to a question from Datuk Seri Abdul Azeez Rahim (Baling-BN) who asked if the ministry had a plan to ensure the safety of Baling residents after the July 6 incident.

He said the ministry’s initial investigation through the Malaysian Department of Minerals and Geosciences (JMG) revealed that the areas around Gunung Inas, Kupang and Baling were still unstable and vulnerable to landslides and falls. of stones.

He added that sudden changes in the fast-flowing current in the upstream area when it rains and rocky debris in the river’s stream could endanger public safety.

He said the ministry advised the state to address the situation immediately.

“The Forest Department has suggested to the government of Kedah to declare Gunung Inas a protected forest for the purpose of water catchment so that it cannot be encroached upon and to provide Baling residents with a sense of security,” said- he declared.

On July 6, at least three people, including a pregnant woman, died and hundreds more were displaced in possibly the worst flooding to hit this southeastern district of Kedah.

The rain that lasted for hours left several villages submerged in flood waters.

Waves of muddy water and fallen trees were also swept from Gunung Inas and more than 85 houses were reported to have been completely destroyed.

Forest Stewardship Bill to Overturn ‘Cottonwood Decision’ Passes Senate Committee Sun, 24 Jul 2022 12:07:44 +0000

Touted by the Montana congressional delegation as a top forest management priority, a move to overturn a federal appeals court decision known as the “Cottonwood decision” has been passed by a key committee of the US Senate, signaling a potential reversal of the 2015 mandate according to critics. has had a chilling effect on dozens of timber projects that would improve the health of national forests.

Cottonwood’s supporters, meanwhile, insist he promotes a heightened degree of necessary environmental analysis on a landscape reeling from the transformative effects of climate change, including peak rates of wildfires and extreme droughts in protected wildlife habitat.

As a result of the Cottonwood decision, the US Forest Service (USFS) was required to relaunch consultation with the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) on completed forestry plans in national forests inhabited by Canada lynx, which prompted some federal courts to stop lumber. projects during the consultation phase, including several in northwest Montana. Critics of the decision say it creates an endless analysis loophole exploited by “fringe” environmental groups, creating a litigation trap for federal land management agencies.

Sponsored by U.S. Senator Steve Daines, R-Montana, the new legislative measure (S. 2561) to overturn the Cottonwood decision passed by the US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources on July 21 with a 16-4 bipartisan vote. The bill is supported by the entire Montana congressional delegation and committee chairman Joe Manchin, D-West Virginia, as well as stakeholders ranging from sports groups to local wood products industry leaders. .

Addressing committee members at the hearing, Daines said the Obama and Trump administrations had previously tried and failed to resolve the Cottonwood problem, and that his legislation provided a permanent common sense solution.

“My bipartisan bill would close a procedural loophole abused by fringe groups in court to block important forest restoration work that is essential to what I like to call the 4 Ws: reducing wildfires, protecting wildlife, improve watersheds and support workers,” Daines said, adding that the 2015 decision “established a new, endless requirement for consultation on plans that diverted agency resources and time.”

The Cottonwood decision from the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, named for the Bozeman-based Cottonwood Environmental Law Center that prevailed in the case, requires the USFS to review its forest management plans and consult with the FWS whenever a new species is added to the endangered species list. Species Act, or when new critical habitat is designated, or when significant “new information” about a listed species has become available.

Cottonwood supporters say it’s entirely reasonable for land management agencies to review new information about damage to endangered species on public lands that are transformed by drought and extreme wildfires – and that “new information” is the new normal in today’s warming world.

“Prohibiting our land management agencies from considering the climate impacts that ravage our public lands is shameful and will lead to species extinction,” according to a statement from Brett Hartl, director of government affairs at the Center for Biological Diversity. “Just days after Senator Manchin killed climate legislation in Congress, he is stepping up his efforts, trying to codify climate denial into law.”

However, support for Cottonwood’s cancellation has been broad and includes loggers and sports groups who complain that the appeals court’s decision has hampered forest management on public lands.

“We need to return the decision-making process to the professionals ‘on the ground’ who have the local knowledge and scientific basis to best implement good forest management”, according to Paul McKenzie, vice president and general manager of FH Stoltze Land and Lumber. , which is based in Columbia Falls. “This bill will help alleviate the procedural and litigation deadlock of the past decade, which continually puts the health and productivity of our public lands and neighboring communities at risk.”

Gordy Sanders, resource manager for Seeley Lake-based Pyramid Mountain Lumber, echoed McKenzie, saying the legislation benefits rural communities and their forest resources.

“Long delays in the courts and procedural backlogs are exposing more communities to wildfires and further reducing forest health due to insect and disease infestations,” Sanders said in a prepared statement.

According to the Montana chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, the legislation would set a decision that has “delayed and derailed the ability to carry out forest management activities, including projects to improve wildlife habitat and opportunities for hunt”.

Matt Gelotti has been named Managing Director and Growth Leader, Natural Resources, CRB North America. Gelotti was previously a business development manager at Aon’s office in Houston.

Chris Mulvey joins the company as Managing Director and Head of Client Management, Natural Resources, CRB North America. Mulvey was previously responsible for corporate clients for the natural resources space of Aon’s office in Houston.

Clayton Corbett has been named Senior Director and Global Client Advocate, Natural Resources, CRB North America. Corbett previously served as senior vice president and chief client officer for Marsh’s specialty practice.

William Hoke joins WtW as Senior Director and Producer, Natural Resources, CRB North America. Hoke joins the company from USI, where he was a natural resources producer.

“This investment is part of our broader strategy to position WTW as the best risk advisor and broker based on industry specialty and technical expertise,” said Mike Liss, Chief Risk and Brokerage Officer. company at WTW, North America. “This expanded team demonstrates our long-term commitment to the Houston market and the broader natural resources sector. We are delighted to welcome each of them to our team at the beginning of August.

WTW’s current North American Natural Resources Leader, Keith Mattheesen, will serve as Senior Strategic Advisor, Global Natural Resources. He will support Helander during the integration and transition and will remain a key member of the North American and global leadership teams.

“We are thrilled to welcome this expanded team to WTW and excited to make this investment in our North American natural resources business,” said Graham Knight, global head of natural resources. “They are highly respected industry professionals whose experience and skills complement our existing talent pool in the energy, power, mining and alternative energy sectors. Attracting experienced, market-leading talent underpins our growth objectives and enhances our industry knowledge across the globe.

Knight also praised Mattheesen’s performance as head of North American natural resources.

“Keith’s leadership has been superb over the past difficult years, and his support of the wider team will drive momentum and drive success,” he said.

Fishing mentorship offered by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Wed, 20 Jul 2022 12:32:25 +0000

Fishing mentorship offered by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Students and young adults can benefit from free instruction and equipment

Photo by Tristan Bapst

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) invites students and adults ages 18 and older to free supervised fishing training and practice sessions in August. The program will include four sessions at various locations in Anne Arundel and Prince George counties, culminating with a fishing tournament on August 13.

Participants will learn about regulations and permits, fish identification, tackle box components, casting, knotting and general fishing techniques. All participants will receive and keep a fishing rod and reel.

The department seeks to encourage more Marylanders to participate in the exciting sport of fishing, which is both an enjoyable hobby and an important part of conservation efforts. In addition to becoming a confident angler, participants may have the opportunity to become mentors for future sessions.

The tentative dates and locations are: August 2 to Sandy Point State ParkAugust 5 at Calm Waters ParkAnnapolis, August 9 at Allen Pond Park, Bowie; and the last fishing tournament on August 13 at school pond, Upper Marlboro. Prizes will be awarded to the three best participants in the tournament.

Registration will be on a first come, first served basis and limited to 20 participants. Anyone interested can Register online, and selected entrants will receive an email notification. Anyone who registers, but is not selected, will be automatically registered for future sessions.

A Maryland Fishing License is required for all participants 16 and older – MNR staff will assist with the purchase process for anyone who does not have one prior to the first session.