China’s human rights abuses force Tibetans to attempt self-immolation: report

As Tibetans continue to face human rights abuses under Chinese President Xi Jinping’s policies, they feel there is no longer any option to deal with the situation but to resort to self-immolation, according to a report. The year 2022 has been rocked by three reported incidents of self-immolations by Tibetans inside Chinese-occupied Tibet, signaling a return to self-immolations as a tool of protest, the Tibet Rights Collective said in its report.

According to the report, over the years, particularly under Xi Jinping, China has engaged in brutal tactics aimed at the “sinicization (integration into Chinese culture)” of Tibetan Buddhists and the building of what Beijing claims to be a ” modern, socialist society and culturally advanced Tibet”. The end result of these tactics has been that Tibetans have been the victims of “gross human rights violations that take away the culture, language, identity, traditions and religion of Tibetans”.

As these gross human rights violations continue and, in fact, keep increasing with each passing day, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Tibetans are suffering, according to the report. The report states that any form of “freedom of speech or expression is prohibited in occupied Tibet, Tibetans cannot hold a peaceful protest, you will land in jail for hanging a picture of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, you” will disappear” if you share incriminating post against China or its actions in Tibet and your children will be sent to special Chinese boarding schools that will ensure that they learn the Chinese language, sing Chinese nationalist songs and participate in brutal military exercises under People’s Liberation Army (PLA) at the tender age of 6.”

“And not to forget, Tibetan nomads are being displaced for illegal mining and the precious water tower of the Tibetan Plateau is being hegemonically overtaken by Beijing. And finally, Xi is securing Tibet by deploying a heavy army and putting entry into force of new border laws, puts the final nail in the coffin of Tibetans,” the report added. As angst grows over such harangues, Tibetans are “again turning to self-immolation as a tool of protest”.

According to the Tibet Rights Collective report, “every human has a breaking point. For Tibetans, it’s self-immolation. Xi’s policies have pushed some Tibetans to such an extent that they feel that there is no other option but self-immolation”. Horrible as it sounds, it would definitely be a crime if we blamed the Tibetans for adopting it. The only blame that should lie with China and Xi Jinping.” Chinese troops occupied Tibet in 1950 and later annexed it. The 1959 Tibetan Uprising saw violent clashes between Tibetan residents and Chinese forces. (ANI)

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