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May 1 CPO meeting

Tuesday May 11, 7-9 p.m.

Join us on Zoom to hear our State Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward talk about the current legislative session, federal COVID packages, and how Oregon is progressing. Next, we’ll hear from Peter Leonard, Director of the Cedar Mill Library, with an update on library services and experiences of running a community library in the midst of a pandemic shutdown.

The meetings are broadcast simultaneously on our Facebook page, thanks to the expertise of Ian Siah, our student technician! They can be viewed later if the meeting time is not convenient for you.

Commentary on the Draft Long-Range Planning Workplan

Comments expected before May 7

Each year, staff in the Long Range Planning Division of the Washington County Department of Land Use Planning and Transportation prepare a “work plan” to describe the projects they will spend time on during the year. coming year. After gathering input from Commissioners, advisory groups, including CPOs and CCIs (the CPO’s steering group), and the public, they assemble a three-level grid. Level 1 tasks have high priority; many are multi-year and are therefore carried over from previous work plans. Level 2 tasks are medium priority and may not attract as much attention if other work, staffing issues, or other factors interfere. Level 3 tasks are a combination of low priority tasks, topics that have been “on the back burner” for some time or are deemed insufficient to work on. A fourth category describes tasks that staff do not recommend including in the upcoming year’s tasks for various reasons. Most of them are topics suggested by others.

long-term planning work program logo

Unfortunately, most of the projects requested by CCI fall into the fourth category. These include additional work on important natural resources; a tree code; and a study on the governance of unincorporated urban areas. In its response to the project, CCI included this note: “We respectfully request that these remaining issues – better SNR protections, tree code, heritage trees, governance and light pollution – be kept at level 3 until the staff have sufficient time to resolve them. them.”

The staff report that accompanies the draft describes both the recommended items and the reasons why the remaining projects are not included. The table and staff report are easy to read and give us a window into how transport and community planning work is determined.

Download the document, including the rating report, here.

Submit your comments by 5:00 p.m. on May 7 or by email to [email protected] (include full name, mailing address, company / organization affiliation (if applicable) and other relevant contact information); or US Mail: addressed to Long Range Planning Section, Department of Land Use & Transportation, 155 N. First Ave., Ste. 350 MS14, Hillsboro, OR 97124. All comments received on time will be communicated to the Washington County Council of Commissioners prior to the adoption of the final work program. Find out more: Annual long-term planning work program.

New online system makes it easier to access Board of County Commissioners information

The Washington County Council of Commissioners is now using a new online calendar management system, known as BCC iAgenda, which provides a portal to the county’s main website that allows easier access to key information, including: How to testify; profiles of board members; calendar of public council meetings; agenda packages and meeting minutes; updates on meetings; archive of council meeting packages from 2010; and a documentation center with advanced research capabilities.

Neighborhood meetings

We did not receive any ward meeting notices for May. If we receive any after publication, we will send a notice to CPO members who have subscribed to our news list.

peterkort time expansion card

Land use actions

The J. Peterkort Company is asking Beaverton for an extension of time for a previously approved preliminary partition at the northwest corner of Cedar Hills Bl. And Barnes Road. Kindercare is actually part of the same lot as the rest of the site, although it only uses a small portion of the site at the northeast corner. The partition they asked to extend the term on would create a lot of stuff just for Kindercare, which would separate it from the rest of the site (and create an additional lot and parcel for the natural resource area).

The Hearing Officer approved Catlin Gabel’s master plan for the new “Catlin Gabel East Campus” college which will replace the Oregon College of Art & Craft. We wrote on the plan in March.

April CPO 1 summary

By Vicky Siah, Secretary of CPO 1

Virginia Bruce, President of CPO 1, began the April meeting with a recap of development news. Target will move into the building previously occupied by Bales’ Thriftway – Washington County has agreed to allow Cornell’s left turn in the parking lot on an interim basis.

Brenda Schaffer of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office presented information about a free women’s self-defense course for any woman living in Washington County. In other news, the sheriff’s office wants to make it clear that it can’t see the crime tips on social media sites. Residents should call the sheriff’s office using their hotlines or not to report tips. If you have a mental health issue, please notify the Sheriff’s Office so that they are equipped to assist that person. Common crimes in the region include Internet scams, mailbox theft and other forms of criminal mischief. The latest “crime map” is posted on CPO 1’s Facebook page.

Registration begins for the summer session of THPRD on May 1 for district residents and May 2 for those residing outside the district. A wider variety of classes will be offered and, as COVID-19 restrictions loosen, spectators will now be able to watch classes and sporting events. THPRD expands its multilingual reception center. They are also adding walking trails, a new playground, drainage improvements and restoration work to Somerset West Park. To help them, THPRD is recruiting part-time and seasonal employees.

Pam Treece, District 2 Commissioner for Washington County, provided us with an update on her issues and the various challenges facing the county. Although she voted against the WashCo Kids Group proposal to raise money for after-school child care, she began to form a larger group with the mayors of Washington County so that the effort could spend this year. The area is known as a “child care desert” due to the lack of accessibility to child care services; Treece aims to solve this problem through the “fairness lens”.

Washington County will soon receive money from the federal relief fund. “We prepare ourselves in an empty relationship as to what we have and how we can spend that money,” says Treece. Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington County will come together to discuss common issues and learn from each other soon.

filbert sidewalk
The sidewalk will be built on the south side of Filbert.

Washington County Land Use and Transportation (LUT) described the Filbert Street sidewalk project. The county will build a sidewalk on the south side of Murray in Saltzman. This will certainly affect front yards and voter lanes – in addition to purchasing any additional right-of-way needed, the county will pay those experiencing disturbance a “small fee” to move or replace landscaping.

Bruce Bartlett, VP of CPO 1, gave us an overview of the OSU extension service. The Extension Service began bringing academic expertise to communities in the 1900s, and to date it has 213 professors, 8,900 trained volunteers and 2,339,468 engaged student learners. OSU Extension Service is committed to making Oregon agriculture sustainable with core program areas: Agriculture and Natural Resources, Forestry and Natural Resources, Family Community and Health, Human Resources Development. 4-H youth and marine grants. Bruce showed slides and gave details of some of the programs available to help us garden, conserve food, and protect the environment.

The meeting was recorded on our Facebook page and can be viewed at any time. The meeting chat box had many useful links and is also posted on the page.

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