Deadline Approaches for Community Action Agency Help with Overdue Electricity Bills in St. Landry Parish

ST. LANDRY PARISH, Louisiana (KLFY) – The Community Action Agency helps residents of the parish of Saint-Landry pay off balances on their electricity bills.

Funding comes from the Louisiana U.S. Bailout Act additional funding. Jessie Bellard, president of the parish of Saint-Landry said to have a surplus of $360,000 in government assistance. “I want to make sure our people can get it, that we give it to them, where it belongs,” Bellard says.

A household will be eligible for an additional benefit of up to $1,200 to pay overdue balances in addition to any other funds the household may be eligible for. “The federal government has given money to parochial government for the past two years and the deadline is approaching to spend it or return it,” says Bellard.

The program only lasts until June 30 and is intended to help residents who are behind on their payments and/or approaching a potential closure. “I don’t want to give money back to the federal government,” Bellard said.

“People with overdue electric bills or even on disconnect notices. We have that money to pay if you qualify,” adds Bellard. He says it’s easy to qualify, but you can’t enjoy the money only once.

Bellard explains: “We used it for the purpose for which it was designed, but we were not contacted enough. We go out into the community and make sure people know we have it and come get it.

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