ED seizes property of former Jharkhand minister Anosh Ekka in money laundering case


The Directorate of Execution (ED) seized property worth Rs 6,25,000 from former Jharkhand Minister Anosh Ekka, who was sentenced to rigorous seven years in prison by a special court in Ranchi in a money laundering case.

Anosh Ekka was convicted of money laundering offenses to the tune of Rs. 22,38,40,247.92 and the court asked him to pay a fine of Rs 2 crore.

Anosh Ekka was a former minister of rural development NREP, transport, panchayat raj and building construction in the office of former chief minister of Jharkhand Madhu Koda from March 12, 2005 to December 19, 2008.

If Anosh Ekka does not pay a fine of Rs 2 crore imposed on him, he will face an additional jail term of one year.

The ED also obtained a confiscation order for Ekka’s property worth Rs 22.38 crore, which was previously attached to the case by the investigative agency.

These assets come in the form of movable and immovable assets consisting of residential properties, land, term deposits, bank account balances, cash certificates, kisan vikas patras, vehicles, guns and pistols. , etc.

“These confiscated assets were held in the name of the accused, members of his family and companies belonging to him as well as his family,” the ED said in a statement. ED had filed a complaint against Ekka for laundering more than 20 crore rupees while abusing his post as minister in Jharkhand’s cabinet.

Initially, the State Vigilance Bureau registered an FIR against Anosh Ekka and others under the relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code and the Corruption Prevention Act in 2008 for abusing his official post of official and acquired huge movable and real estate properties.

Based on the FIR of the Vigilance Bureau, the ED had initiated the investigation under the provisions of the PMLA against the accused Anosh Ekka and others. During the investigations carried out under the PMLA, movable and immovable property in the amount of Rs. 22,38,40,247,92 involved in money laundering was identified and was seized under the PMLA .

Initially, the complaint was filed against Narayan Rai and Anosh Ekka jointly filed in the Ranchi Special Court in 2009. Subsequently, after further investigation, additional complaints were filed against the accused Anosh Ekka for money laundering offenses. silver. The accused Hari Narayan Rai had already been convicted by the PMLA in 2017.


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