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National Human Rights Council (NCHR) Chairman Ambassador Moushira Khattab receives UNICEF Representative in Egypt Jeremy Hopkins on 8 May 2022

During the meeting, Khattab and Hopkins agreed on the outlines of mutual cooperation between UNICEF, NCHR and the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood (NCCM) to implement the national human rights strategy. man recently launched by the country.

Khattab praised NCCM’s expertise in a wide range of areas, including child helpline, disabled child helpline and family counselling.

She added that the NCHR complaints mechanism will benefit from the pioneering experience of the NCCM.

The two parties agreed to use the experience of the NCCM to implement the national human rights strategy to protect children from school dropout and child labor, according to the statement.

Furthermore, the President of the NCHR pointed out that the legal framework for the protection of children in Egypt complies with the highest international human rights standards.

Khattab noted that the constitutional status of the NCCM will strengthen the ability of law enforcement to protect children from school dropouts and population explosion, which undermine the country’s development.

She also welcomed the cooperation with UNICEF in the implementation of the girls’ education initiative, as part of the platform to combat all forms of violence against children. children, including underage marriage and child labour.

She also added that the Egyptian experience in girls’ schools is a pioneering experience in providing high quality education that has been documented by UNICEF and has inspired many countries around the world.

Egypt works closely with UNICEF to raise public awareness on the protection of children’s rights and has expressed interest in strengthening cooperation with UNICEF.

Last December, Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities illuminated the Giza plateau blue for an hour to celebrate UNICEF’s 75th anniversary. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also illuminated its headquarters with the word UNICEF75.

UNICEF celebrates its anniversary on December 11 every year.

In a speech at a ceremony in Cairo sponsored by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry and UNICEF to mark the anniversary, Egyptian FM Sameh Shoukry said the longstanding cooperation and partnership between Egypt and the UNICEF are entering a new phase.

This cooperation is part of ongoing efforts to complete UNICEF’s Country Program Document (CPD) for Egypt 2023-2027 as the regulatory framework for all fund activities in the country. he asserted.

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