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The Biden administration decided to pursue a nuclear deal with Iran in hopes of preventing the nation from reaching for the bomb, even at the cost of ignoring the regime’s human rights abuses.

“We have been focused … to do everything we can to permanently and verifiably ensure that Iran will never be in a position to acquire a nuclear weapon,” the department’s spokesman said on Tuesday. State, Ned Price, at Fox News Digital. “It’s a commitment that President Biden has made, and it’s a calculation that not only the State Department has made, but the international community and our own intelligence community have determined that, at least for now , the JCPOA… is the most effective way to permanently and verifiably guarantee that Iran will not acquire a nuclear weapon.”

Earlier this month, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said hopes for a nuclear deal had again stalled as negotiations took a step back. He told reporters at NATO headquarters in Belgium that he was not going to “negotiate anything in public” and that despite the fact that the two sides had “filled in some gaps”, Iran had not yet satisfied to the “essential requirements” of the agreement. .

Meanwhile, tensions in Iran have reached a boiling point following the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman who died while in the custody of Iran’s morality police for alleged violations of hijab rules ( scarf). Police have denied responsibility for Amini’s death, saying she fell into a coma, but her family and witnesses say they found evidence when she arrived at hospital that she had been beaten.


Protests overnight following Amini’s funeral resulted in the deaths of at least five protesters as they demanded an end to the morality police.

Price said Amini “should be alive today,” but stressed that the State Department views Iran’s nuclear potential as a primary threat.

US State Department Spokesman Ned Price holds a press briefing on Afghanistan at the State Department in Washington, DC on August 16, 2021.
(Kevin Lamarque/Pool/AFP via Getty Images)

“We are doing everything we can to not only support the human rights and aspirations for greater freedom of the Iranian people, but also to hold accountable those within the Iranian system who are responsible for… violence against the Iranian people,” Price said. “When it comes to Iran, however…there would be no greater challenge to the United States, to our partners, and to the wider international system than a nuclear-armed Iran.”


Price argued that any challenge posed by Iran would ultimately worsen if Iran were granted nuclear weapons, citing the country’s support for terrorist groups and proxy militias in the region as examples of threats that could arise. ‘aggravate.

He acknowledged that the deal isn’t even guaranteed, insisting that the United States has been “sincere and unwavering in its efforts to negotiate a potential return to the JCPOA, but… has also held very firmly to our core principles,” the United States said. is “does not want to bend”.

Iranian Kurds take part in a march in a park in the Iraqi Kurdish city of Sulaimaniya on September 19, 2022, against the murder of Mahsa Amini, an Iranian woman who died after being arrested by the Islamic Republic.

Iranian Kurds take part in a march in a park in the Iraqi Kurdish town of Sulaimaniya on September 19, 2022 against the murder of Mahsa Amini, an Iranian woman who died after being arrested by the Islamic Republic’s ‘morality police’. (SHWAN MOHAMMED/AFP via Getty Images)

“So far at least, the Iranians haven’t given a firm indication that they’re ready to make the deals or make the decisions that they should be making,” Price said. “Were we able to get back to the JCPOA? So that’s an outcome that’s far from certain.”


Price dismissed the idea that any benefit Iran derives from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), such as much-needed funds that would help alleviate the country’s economic crisis caused by the sanctions, would serve as an endorsement of policies and Iranian actions. Price asserted that the only objective was to ensure that Iran would not obtain nuclear weapons.

“It wouldn’t be about supporting Iran in any way,” Price stressed. “It would be about whether there was a mutual return to compliance with the JCPOA, meeting a fundamental national security interest of the United States and a fundamental interest of our partners in the region and around the world, namely to prevent Iran from ever getting a nuclear weapon.”

The 22-year-old Iranian woman, Mahsa Amini, who was allegedly murdered by the Iranian vice squad.

The 22-year-old Iranian woman, Mahsa Amini, who was allegedly murdered by the Iranian vice squad.
(Obtained by Fox News)

However, while the United States could use sanctions to stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions, the United States will not seek to use them to achieve other goals, such as climate, which President Biden and various World leaders this week at the United Nations General Assembly highlighted it as the number one priority for the planet.

Price said the United States wants to see other countries act “cooperatively” to solve the problem, acknowledging that sanctions “are an important tool when it comes to promoting certain foreign policy ends”, but that such actions do not extend to climate.


“When it comes to climate, what we are looking for is cooperation…we are looking for counties to come together and discuss cooperatively how we can work towards these shared climate goals,” he said. .

Yes Bank revises interest rates on savings accounts: Details here https://wagdyghoneim.com/yes-bank-revises-interest-rates-on-savings-accounts-details-here/ Wed, 21 Sep 2022 08:51:06 +0000 https://wagdyghoneim.com/yes-bank-revises-interest-rates-on-savings-accounts-details-here/

Yes Bank, a private sector lender, has changed interest rates on its savings accounts. According to the bank’s official website, the new rates come into effect on September 17, 2022. After the change, the bank now offers an interest rate on savings bank accounts of up to 6.25%.

Yes Bank savings account rate

The bank guarantees an interest rate of 4.00% on daily savings account balances up to 1 lakh and an interest rate of 4.25% on daily savings account balances between 1,000,000 and 5,000,000. On savings account balances greater than 5 Lake and up 10 Lac, Yes Bank will now pay an interest rate of 5.00%, and on balances above 10 Lake and up 25 Lac, the bank is now paying an interest rate of 5.50%. The bank promises an interest rate of 6.00% on savings balances between 25 lakes and 1 crore. Yes Bank is now offering a 6.25% interest rate on daily savings account balances between 1 crore and 10 crore, and an interest rate of 6.00% on daily savings account balances between 10 crores and 25 crores.

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Yes Bank savings account rate (ouibank.in)

Yes Bank mentioned on its website that “the savings account interest rate is calculated daily, i.e. the closing balance of the account maintained in the type of savings bank account; the rate is specified by YES BANK in accordance with the guidelines of the Reserve Bank of Indian. The interest rate amount is calculated and rounded to the nearest rupee.”

“Payment of interest on the savings bank account is made quarterly. Thus, the interest rate on the savings account will be paid at quarterly intervals on June 30, September 30, December 31 and March 31 of each year,” Yes Bank said on its website.

YES BANK offers many savings account options with competitive interest rates. The bank offers a variety of savings account types, including Customizable Savings Account, Savings Value, Smart Salary Platinum, Smart Salary Exclusive, and Smart Salary Advantage. Benefits of opening an online savings account with YES BANK include access to mobile and internet banking, unlimited use of ATMs, debit/credit card, free utilities, savings rewards, a higher interest rate, and tax-free interest income on savings. account balances up to Rs. 40,000, depending on the bank.

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Eleven schoolchildren killed in airstrike in Myanmar (UNICEF) https://wagdyghoneim.com/eleven-schoolchildren-killed-in-airstrike-in-myanmar-unicef/ Tue, 20 Sep 2022 23:04:48 +0000 https://wagdyghoneim.com/eleven-schoolchildren-killed-in-airstrike-in-myanmar-unicef/

NEW YORK CITY: Just a few months ago, Somalia was promised a new era. After a peaceful vote and an equally peaceful transfer of power, many had hoped that a line had been drawn after decades of clan divisions, factional politics, heightened tensions between Mogadishu and the regions and a lingering extremist presence.

In recent years, Somalia has also recorded encouraging economic growth, further raising the hopes of the international community. Until a perfect storm, consisting of the coronavirus pandemic, a locust infestation and flooding, hit the country, reversing the gains.

A new president, whose election capped a period of hope that saw the drafting of a new interim constitution, the establishment of a federal government and the subsequent formation of five new federal member states, has promised to focus on national reconciliation and further political and financial reforms.

James Swan, the UN special representative in Somalia, told the Security Council that Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s presidency offered a “long-awaited opportunity to advance urgent national priorities”.

Yet it is not because of this progress that Somalia should be the focus of the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly this year. Once again, the country finds itself facing an alarming state of emergency resulting from multiple overlapping crises.

The UN’s World Meteorological Organization has predicted that the Horn of Africa is set to face a fifth consecutive failed rainy season during the months of October to December. Somalia is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change and is ill-equipped to deal with this drought, the worst it has seen in 40 years.

There is no end in sight, many say. Five years of drought have depleted the country’s water levels, resulting in poor harvests, with agricultural production falling 70% below average. More than 3 million head of cattle perished. The animals that remained are now emaciated.

And getting help to those in need remains a huge challenge. Some areas are difficult to access due to poor road infrastructure. Others are under the control of Al-Shabab, an intransigent and unpopular group linked to Al-Qaeda.

A mother gives water to her child in a camp for displaced people in Baidoa, Somalia. Hungry people are heading to Baidoa from rural areas in southern Somalia, one of the regions hardest hit by the drought. (AFP)

A deadly al-Shabab insurgency against the federal government led to attacks on humanitarian aid convoys. In a vicious circle, the scarcity exacerbated by Al-Shabab in turn makes more young Somalis vulnerable to recruitment.

Then came the war in Ukraine, the repercussions of which were deeply felt in the Horn of Africa. The resulting spike in world grain prices has driven millions of Somalis to leave their homes and seek food, taking starving and malnourished children along the way.

However, only those who are physically able to leave have left. As for the most vulnerable, the children, the new Somali generation, they are perishing.

“Food insecurity is a global problem,” Abdirahman Abdishakur, the Somali president’s special envoy for drought response, told Arab News.

“The whole world has been affected by disruptions to global grain, fertilizer and fuel supply chains resulting from the conflict in Ukraine. Just like the rest of the world, Somalia has also been affected.

“The difference for Somalia is that this crisis comes on top of many others that the country has been reeling from for decades.”

UN reports indicate that some communities, especially agro-pastoral populations in Baidoa and Burhakaba districts and displaced people from Baidoa town in Bay region, will experience famine from October if the aid is not immediately increased.

Abdishakur is in New York lobbying and urging donors, the international community and the Somali diaspora to support the drought response “before it is too late”.

Various United Nations agencies, including children’s fund UNICEF, the World Food Program and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, have repeatedly warned that the emergency shows no signs of letting up. .

In a statement, the FAO said that “without action, famine will occur in the coming weeks”, adding that drought-related deaths had already occurred and the toll could be much higher in difficult rural areas. of access, compared to the number recorded in the camps for displaced families.

During the 2011 famine, 340,000 Somali children required treatment for severe acute malnutrition, said UNICEF spokesperson James Elder in Geneva, Switzerland. “Today it’s 513,000. It’s an unresolved nightmare that we haven’t seen in this century.

Abdirahman Abdishakur, the Somali president’s special envoy, has called for an immediate global response to the country’s food crisis. (Provided)

According to the FAO, around 6.7 million people in Somalia are likely to experience high levels of acute food insecurity between October and December this year, including more than 300,000 who have been left “empty-handed” by the triple emergency of the countries and which should fall into famine.

Abdishakur said, “Needs have intensified and funds remain below what is needed. The window for the international community is literally now. If the world does not increase its aid, famine could be here as early as October.

Although such dire predictions have thrown Somalia into the limelight, famine projections were actually made in March.

“Many governments increased their funding during the drought, and we are very grateful to them. However, the need for adequate levels of funding to contain the initial emergency was not met, allowing the situation to escalate into the crisis we are experiencing today,” he added.

Today, Abdishakur calls for a more aggressive humanitarian response to the crisis to save as many lives as possible.

“The very gravity of the situation demands a more aggressive, innovative and tangible response from the international community,” he said. And he called on the international community to “come together in the spirit of humanitarian diplomacy” and increase its contributions “before it is too late”.

“No one should starve in 2022. In this world of staggering wealth, skills and knowledge, there should be enough support for everyone,” he added.

A child sleeps in a makeshift tent at Muuri camp in Baidoa, one of 500 camps for displaced people. (AFP)

This is not the first or even the tenth time that an emergency appeal has been issued for Somalia to donor countries, and Abdishakur noted that it would not be the last if the same approach continued to be taken every year. by the Somali government or the international community.

He said: “I don’t want to knock on doors in five years or ever. About $1 billion is spent each year to help our country, but the needs continue to grow. Humanitarian support is vital during a crisis, but it cannot be a permanent solution.

Somalis are aware of the progress they had begun to experience, but now fear that their country’s full potential is not being realized.

According to experts, if this potential had been utilized, Somalia could have contributed to food security and sustainable energy production in the Horn of Africa and globally.

As Presidential Envoy for Drought Response, Abdishakur advocates a new way of working aimed at ending the cycle of hunger and suffering that focuses on long-term adaptation and climate change mitigation .

Along with the urgent funds needed to save lives, he called for investments focused on addressing food insecurity, promoting livelihoods and building infrastructure, especially roads.

He said that between 20 and 40 percent of agricultural produce in Somalia has been lost in transport due to poor road conditions.


* A famine is an acute episode of extreme lack of food characterized by starvation, widespread death, destitution and extremely critical levels of acute malnutrition.

“Somalia needs partnerships that enable its people to prosper by continuing to live their traditional way of life with additional climate adaptation and mitigation practices,” Abdishakur said.

“Somalia has resources. We have minerals, rivers, wind and natural gas. We have the longest coastline in Africa. We have a large agro-pastoral population, living off vast pastures and exporting livestock to world markets when drought does not burn their land.

“To emerge from recurrent crises, we need the international community to understand the importance of strengthening the resilience of our population in the face of climatic, economic and security shocks.

“In addition to urgently saving lives, international engagement in Somalia must support livelihoods, develop vital modern infrastructure such as roads and irrigation canals, and help families adapt to a new climatic reality.

Looking to the future, Abdishakur said, “We know our government still has a long way to go, but we are committed to ending this crisis and stopping the cycle, including improving the way we operate, our transparency and our responsibility.

“Our call on the international community, and any group with the relevant expertise and resources, is to work with our government to urgently save lives today and make sustainable investments in Somalia tomorrow.”

| RoundupNM fire information after the fire https://wagdyghoneim.com/roundupnm-fire-information-after-the-fire/ Tue, 20 Sep 2022 17:52:31 +0000 https://wagdyghoneim.com/roundupnm-fire-information-after-the-fire/

USFS Southwest Region | September 20, 2022

Punky Moore, sandra.moore2@usda.gov

This roundup is intended to keep you informed of progress on National Forest System lands affected by wildfires in 2022.

Primary federal responsibilities for salvage on National Forest System lands rest with the USDA Forest Service (FS) and for private lands with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). The USDA Farm Services Agency (FSA) provides essential emergency relief through its programs.

The Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) program is designed to address emergency stabilization issues related to wildfires. The objective of the program is to identify imminent threats to human life and safety, property and critical, natural and cultural resources on National Forest System lands and to take emergency action to manage the risks.

BAER should be done as quickly as possible, but safety always comes first. Despite difficult monsoon weather, the crews persisted and made great progress.

After 27 days of work, contractors have completed aerial seeding on 9,400 acres and mulching on 1,280 acres burned in the Hermits Peak-Calf Canyon fire. The treatment areas are forest service lands with high to moderate soil burn severity in the Gallinas and Tecolote creek watersheds.

The priority for BAER is human life and safety. In order to warn and inform the public, signs have been installed in the fire area. Road crews have completed most of the road storm protection works. The current Storm Inspection and Response contract is signed and ready for task ordering.

An open house was held September 15 in Las Vegas, NM in coordination with partner agencies to provide community members with information on ongoing post-fire assistance and response.

Providing free firewood to those affected by the fire is a true community effort. This endeavor continued throughout the summer with a key agreement in place with the State of New Mexico, whereby the National Guard delivers lumber to sites. Deliveries began Wednesday at a site in Mora County. Other partners and volunteers have stepped up to help deliver wood or host a community wood distribution site.

For the Carson National Forest, two campgrounds along the Rio Pueblo remain closed, day use is permitted.

All danger/warning signs have been installed. The closure of the fire zone has been lifted.

The BAER team has identified priority treatment locations within the McBride fire area where moderate to high severity of ground burns have occurred. On September 1, 335 acres were treated by aerial seeding. This treatment will help stabilize fire-affected slopes to reduce post-fire runoff and erosion in the Devils Canyon, Middle Rio Ruidoso, and Upper Rio Ruidoso Creek/River watersheds on NFS lands. In addition, all danger and warning signs are installed.

NRCS works with landowners and residents. Signs have been installed. The impacts of flooding are felt on land outside the forest.

Teams are making progress in repairing roads and infrastructure, especially in permanent residences. Forest Service Road 150 is now open and passable. The road is assessed following storm events in the event that it requires closure.

Signage has been posted at trailheads, campgrounds and other public access points around the perimeter of the fire. A vendor is building metal barriers that will be installed at entrances to campgrounds when they become available.

During these fires, road storm inspection and response is ongoing as road crews attempt to maintain passable roads for UTVs needed to transport to work areas on natural gas lines and water that were exposed and damaged during the fires.

The BAER assessment has been completed and funding has been approved.

All warning signs have been installed. A closure is in place on parts of logging road 549 and logging road 73.


Emergency response after a fire is a shared responsibility, as is assisting in the longer-term recovery from the effects of fire on lands and communities. The Region is currently managing nine post-fire response incidents.

US Dispatch: Human Rights Activists Protest Filipino Leader Marcos’ UN Visit Outside NYSE – JURIST https://wagdyghoneim.com/us-dispatch-human-rights-activists-protest-filipino-leader-marcos-un-visit-outside-nyse-jurist/ Tue, 20 Sep 2022 00:23:56 +0000 https://wagdyghoneim.com/us-dispatch-human-rights-activists-protest-filipino-leader-marcos-un-visit-outside-nyse-jurist/

Hannah Brem is the news editor of JURIST and a 3L from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. She is filing this dispatch from New York.

Human rights activists gathered outside the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on Monday to protest the visit of Philippine President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Romualdez Marcos Jr.’s in New York for the 77th United Nations General Assembly. The protesters represented Anakbayan Manhattan and the International League of People’s Struggles (ILPS), the Northeast Coalition to Advance Genuine Democracy in the Philippines (NECAGDP), and the Katabaan Alliance. Inside the NYSE, Marcos Jr. spoke with industry leaders. The Philippine flag hangs alongside the American flag on the facade of the NYSE awaiting its visit.

Marcos Jr. is the son of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. Protesters said Marcos Jr. carries his father’s legacy and has no place in the international human rights community. The demonstrators distributed leaflets reading as follows:

It is a travesty and a slap in the face both for the brave Filipinos who survived torture and economic ruin, and for the families of those who disappeared and were murdered at the hands of the Marcos family – many of whom live in the United States. The Marcos dictatorship was responsible for around 3,200 extrajudicial executions; the physical and sexual torture of 35,000 victims; the imprisonment of more than 70,000 political prisoners, journalists and activists; and the looting of billions from the national treasury – much of which the Marcos family refuses to repay to this day. Similarly, the administration of Rodrigo Duterte imposed a war on drugs that claimed the lives of approximately 30,000 Filipinos. His regime passed the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATL) which baselessly labels political opponents and activists as enemies of the state. It has committed violations of international humanitarian law by indiscriminately bombing civilian communities in the countryside.

After the International Criminal Court (ICC) opened an investigation into Duterte’s alleged crimes against humanity, Duterte announced that the Philippines would withdraw from the ICC. Protesters say Marcos Jr. ‘opposed’ the ICC investigation rather than ‘holding the Duterte administration to account’. The current government of the Philippines says it “fully respects internationally protected human rights in the conduct of its legitimate operations”, but protesters today and organizations like Amnesty International disagree.

A demonstrator who did not give his affiliation told me: “He [Marcos Jr.] maybe the child of the worst dictator in the Philippines, but we are the children of those who fought for our people! Chrissi Fabro said that by allowing Marcos into the country, the United States was showing “no respect for the victims of human rights abuses”. “What is he qualified to talk about?” she asked. Speakers at the protest also called for solidarity with the international community, citing the drastic effects of Hurricane Fiona on Puerto Rico.

I observed over 50 demonstrators for several hours. They handed out hundreds of flyers to passing tourists who were generally very attentive and receptive, although it was incredibly ironic to see a few tourists ignore the protesters and then take photos in front of the Fearless Girl statue, also outside of the stock market.

Why do I feel guilty for not having more savings? https://wagdyghoneim.com/why-do-i-feel-guilty-for-not-having-more-savings/ Mon, 19 Sep 2022 09:10:24 +0000 https://wagdyghoneim.com/why-do-i-feel-guilty-for-not-having-more-savings/

“Money should be purely individual.”

If I had a dollar every time I looked at the amount in my savings account and felt anxious, I would be a millionaire. I’ve been working since I was 14 and back then I was taking as many hours as possible to make sure I had enough money to spend on Supre’s latest fashionable clothes as well as a little money left over to be placed in my savings account.

For more content like this, browse our Life section.

I am now 27 years old and have been in the working world for over a decade. You would think I would now have mountains of money in my savings account, waiting to be used for something special – but that’s not the case. Every time I open my savings I feel a different feeling in my stomach. If the amount is higher than I remember, I’m delighted. If it’s less than I expected, then I feel what many millennials and Gen Zs call savings guilt.

What is saving guilt?

Saving guilt isn’t exactly a new concept, but it’s something that many young people feel more frequently. You may have felt some savings guilt if, like me, you’ve looked at the amount of money in your savings account and wondered why you don’t have more. Why don’t you have enough savings for a security deposit like your co-worker? Why aren’t you saving as well as you should?

Despite what many baby boomers will tell you, Millennials and Gen Z generally don’t have bad saving habits because we are spend more over iced coffee. We are just dealing with an increasingly expensive world that is far less financially stable than it was in their day.

Young people today earn 34% less than young people in the 1980s, inflation has increased dramatically Cost of life and we are facing our second “once in a lifetime” recession, thanks to a small virus that took over the world in 2020. 6.5% of workers in Australia (or about 900,000 people) are now working multiple jobswhile unemployment in australia recently increased to 3.5%.

This is all pretty disheartening information, but despite knowing how the current financial landscape can affect our daily expenses, many young people still feel guilty for not having more money in their savings accounts. I have felt the guilt of saving full on many times. The worst case was when I was fired twice in six months. I worried about how I was supposed to pay my bills and support myself while I searched for work in an increasingly competitive industry and felt guilty when I had to transfer money from my savings just to pay my rent.

In talking with a few of my friends about saving guilt, it became pretty obvious that we had all experienced different levels of it at some point. A friend said he was currently going through a period of saving guilt before his one-year sabbatical in 2023. To get this long paid leave, he had to sacrifice half his salary for about two years and said that he had found it extremely difficult. to save anything after paying bills and shopping.

Another friend of mine told me that she had experienced savings guilt when she recently took a week off to focus on her studies for an upcoming college exam. She currently works casually while studying full time and said that although she was now glad she did, at the time she was really anxious to have a small paycheck and less money. to save while she focused on her studies.

What causes savings guilt?

When discussing the concept of savings guilt with a financial therapist Jane Monica Jones, she explains that building a solid savings balance is definitely more difficult for young people today. And that’s not just because of the ever-changing nature of the financial world, but because we’re part of a strongly consumerist society.

“The cost of living is rising, which means we have less to save. Salaries have plateaued, people at the top earn a lot more, but individuals have plateaued for the last 18 years or so. As a consumer society, we have also highlighted consumption as a very terrible mental health strategy, like retail therapy.

“We’ve linked it to boredom or stress relief and we’re trying to get that dopamine hit because things are tough, and we want to get that little happy high. Things like spending can have a downside. -effect because you might get a high in the moment, but then it impacts your cost of living and things that need to be covered.

She also says there’s societal pressure to compare our savings balances to our levels of achievement, creating a culture that cares more about how much money you have, rather than who you are as a person. “As a culture, we measure levels of success by how much money we have. It doesn’t matter if we’re a great contributor to our community, or a great parent or friend. Success is often measured by to the amount of money we have in our accounts and it is a cultural or social index.

While society and the financial world can have a big influence on our ability to save, Jane says our cross-generational perception of money can also play a big role in developing the guilt of saving. “If you were raised in a family where everyone only made money as an accountant and you want to go out and be a lion tamer, that might be frowned upon in your community. Let’s say that if you were raised very, very wealthy and you decide to go become a monk, your family and friends might judge you. You may be feeling the influence of your peers. The influence of peers and family on what we do as individuals is enormous.

How to deal with your savings guilt

When it comes to money, asking for help can be extremely difficult. Not only can this negatively impact your self-confidence and illicit feelings of shame, but not everyone is comfortable discussing money, which Jane says can only bring guilt. more intense savings.

“There’s not a lot of psychological safety around money. We have a lot of social cues that say we’re not allowed to talk about money, or that it’s not polite to talk about money, or that we shouldn’t be emotional about money. [and] all of these things keep us pretty isolated if we feel challenged in any way,” she tells me.

When it comes to addressing savings guilt or any other financial issue, you might want to dig into a stack of finance books and start building a solid savings plan. It’s definitely a good idea – everyone deserves to know how to manage their money.

But while it’s important to learn how to take care of your finances, Jane says you should also consider your personal financial values ​​and situation when developing a new savings plan. “A lot of times when we get advice about money, it’s that you have to follow someone else’s plan, or the way they did it, regardless of your goals, your values , your needs and your current or past experiences. [are]. Social media is kinda terrible for that too. Do not prevent yourself from following a financial education, but use your discernment.

“There are a lot of wealth gurus and financial books out there, but you’re probably not the same as this author. You won’t have the same goals and so the way they did it won’t necessarily work .You can thrive with what you have going for you now.You don’t have to dismiss what you do and do it someone else’s way.Amplify your strengths rather than looking at someone else’s. another.

It’s not just a matter of numbers

Saving guilt can overwhelm anyone. You might be the most financially literate person in the world, with a strong investment portfolio and enough money to book a flight to Italy tomorrow, and you’re still looking at your savings balance and wondering why. you don’t feel as secure financially as you would. As. At times like this, Jane recommends asking yourself why you might think your savings balance isn’t enough.

“If we say should, there’s a bit of judgment in that. Rather than pass judgment on this number [in your savings] should be, be curious. Curiosity is a fabulous antidote to judgement. We don’t have a rule book for how to live life and we certainly don’t have a rule book for how our own psychology is going to affect our relationship with money. So be curious as to why you’re not reaching that savings goal or why you have that particular perception of money.

Jane also suggests thinking about your own personal financial goals when you feel guilty about saving. Remembering why you’re saving can help you feel more confident about your savings account balance and build a sense of financial independence.

“We often think that money is just numbers, that being good with money is being good with numbers. It’s kind of, but it’s also about confidence levels and levels of feeling empowered We are not explicitly taught about confidence, empowerment and stress management as children Depending on your experiences, you may not feel as confident [with money] but we have to stop thinking that money is just numbers. We have to look at it very holistically.

“There are so many factors that influence our financial well-being and comparing ourselves to others, and their finances, is really the last thing you should be doing. If your goal is to be 21 and you just want to have fun, so let yourself have fun.

As Liza Minelli sang once, “money makes the world go round”. It’s a sad truth; having enough money to spend on the things we need to survive is a constant pressure we have to deal with. When, on top of that pressure, you add the pressure of having a healthy savings account balance, you’re likely to feel anxious and guilty every time you have to dip into that precious pool of money.

We all struggle with the guilt of saving, but the good news is that with a bit of financial knowledge, a pinch of self-reflection, and a pinch of confidence, guilt of saving can only become a small jolt in your overall financial journey. Because really, your life should be measured by more than just a number in your bank account.

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Egypt participates in the meeting of the Board of Governors of Arab Central Banks and Monetary Institutions in Saudi Arabia https://wagdyghoneim.com/egypt-participates-in-the-meeting-of-the-board-of-governors-of-arab-central-banks-and-monetary-institutions-in-saudi-arabia/ Sun, 18 Sep 2022 23:57:43 +0000 https://wagdyghoneim.com/egypt-participates-in-the-meeting-of-the-board-of-governors-of-arab-central-banks-and-monetary-institutions-in-saudi-arabia/

Hassan Abdalla – Acting Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) – took part in the meeting of the 46th session of the Board of Governors of Arab Central Banks and Monetary Institutions on Sunday in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, under the auspices of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

Abdalla’s participation in the meeting follows an invitation he received from Abdel Rahman bin Abdullah Al-Hamidi, Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of the Arab Monetary Fund (AMF).

The meeting covered many important topics on the agenda, including the global inflationary wave and its impact on monetary policy in Arab countries, the risks of climate change impacts on the financial sector and banking services, and the challenges of the transition to green finance. .

The meeting also discussed the requirements and challenges of rebuilding capital margins and liquidity in the banking sector after the lifting of support programs.

During the meeting, the governors of Arab central banks and monetary institutions were briefed on the reports of technical committees and working groups emanating from the Board of Governors, including the Arab Committee for Banking Supervision, the Arab Committee for Payment Systems and Settlement, the Arab Credit Information Committee, the Regional Working Group for the Promotion of Financial Inclusion in Arab Countries and the Working Group on Financial Stability in Arab Countries.

In the same framework, the governors of Arab central banks and monetary institutions also examined the report on the financial stability of Arab countries, the unified Arab economic report, as well as the unified Arab discourse for the year 2022 to be presented at the annual meetings. of the Boards of Governors of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB).

On the sidelines of the meeting, Abdallah held a bilateral meeting with Al-Hamidi during which they discussed several important topics related to the coordination of efforts between the monetary authorities of the Arab countries to face the emerging changes and challenges and the MFA support mechanisms.

Abdalla also attended a reception hosted by Fahd bin Abdullah Al-Mubarak on Saturday attended by other governors of Arab central banks and monetary institutions, who congratulated Abdallah on his assumption of the post of acting governor of the CBE, wishing him every success in his assigned mission.

]]> Harvard Award Recognized ColdHubs https://wagdyghoneim.com/harvard-award-recognized-coldhubs/ Sun, 18 Sep 2022 16:43:12 +0000 https://wagdyghoneim.com/harvard-award-recognized-coldhubs/

NIGERIA: A company that provides solar-powered cold rooms for perishable foods in Nigeria has won an award from Harvard University’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.

ColdHubs Ltd is the winner of the Roy Family Award for Environmental Partnership 2022, an award presented biennially by the Environment and Natural Resources Program of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard Kennedy School. It celebrates an outstanding cross-sectoral partnership project that improves the quality of the environment through innovative and creative approaches.

The company was born out of a partnership between the Smallholders Foundation of Nigeria, the German institute for air treatment and refrigeration ILK Dresden and the German development agency GIZ

ColdHubs is a plug and play, modular, solar-powered cold room for 24/7 off-grid storage and preservation of perishable foods. They are set up in major markets and farms, with farmers paying a daily fee for each crate of food they store.

The cold room is made of 120 mm insulated cold room panels. The energy from the solar panels mounted on the roof of the cold room is stored in large capacity batteries.

In Nigeria, infrastructure issues such as lack of electrification and cold storage along the food supply chain, combined with the country’s hot climate, mean that an alarming 40% of food produced each year is lost before it even reaches consumers. According to the World Bank, this food loss is equivalent to 31% of Nigeria’s total land use and 5% of its greenhouse gas emissions. In a country where agriculture employs two-thirds of its workforce, many smallholder farmers in rural areas have to rush to sell their fresh produce in the morning before it spoils in the midday heat, or are forced to rely on expensive and polluting diesel. motorized refrigeration.

In 2021, the 54 operational units of ColdHubs would have saved 52,700 tonnes of product from spoilage. By reducing post-harvest losses, ColdHubs has also doubled the average household income of the 5,250 smallholder farmers, retailers and wholesalers it serves, from $60 to $120 per month. With the ability to store food safely for longer, farmers are able to negotiate better prices for a higher quality product, leading to additional income gains.

“ColdHubs provides a technical solution and a self-sustaining business model that could be replicated in different countries and regions to elevate thousands of other farmers,” said Henry Lee, director of the Environment and Natural Resources program at the Belfer Center. “Our panel of reviewers was particularly impressed with how the partnership has successfully transitioned from a non-profit collaboration to a commercial enterprise while maintaining its original mission.”

ColdHubs was selected from a collection of high-potential projects from around the world that are working to solve challenging environmental issues ranging from reducing human and environmental exposure to hazardous chemicals to decarbonizing the global transportation industry. maritime.

A committee of experts from Harvard and outside evaluated the candidates according to the following criteria: innovation, effectiveness, importance and transferability.

Third Age Barrie presents a series on human rights abuses https://wagdyghoneim.com/third-age-barrie-presents-a-series-on-human-rights-abuses/ Sat, 17 Sep 2022 22:30:00 +0000 https://wagdyghoneim.com/third-age-barrie-presents-a-series-on-human-rights-abuses/ The series begins on October 4 with the presentation of a member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague

The Third Age Barrie Life Long Learning Association shines a light on some of the world’s worst human rights abuses while highlighting humanity’s resilience in confronting them.

In Search of a Better World takes place on four Tuesdays in October starting October 4.

Four outstanding speakers of international renown will present:

October 4: “In search of a better world”, Professor Payam Akhavan, eminent international human rights lawyer and member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague

October 11: “The Canary in the Coal Mine — Why the Rights of Women and Girls in Afghanistan Should Be Our All,” Dr. Lauryn Oates, Executive Director of Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

October 18: “I Shall Not Hate—A Man’s Journey to Justice,” Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, Palestinian physician who wrote I won’t hate after the loss of his three daughters and his niece in an Israeli airstrike

October 25: “Will the truth (Debwewin) set us free? Dr. Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux, Indigenous Chair for Truth and Reconciliation, Lakehead University

Gerry Caplan – political activist, author, Rwandan genocide expert and board member of the Third Age – helped create the series. “In Search of a Better World,” says Caplan, “is an extraordinary opportunity to learn about four perspectives on human rights abuses from some internationally renowned defenders. But with some dark stories, we’ll learn how individuals, organizations, and institutions fight resiliently against the forces that seek to oppress.

The series costs $40 and will be both in person at Grace United Church in Barrie and streamed live on Zoom. To learn more, visit www.thirdagebarrie.ca.


How to bet on Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez vs Gennadiy Golovkin 3 in Canada https://wagdyghoneim.com/how-to-bet-on-saul-canelo-alvarez-vs-gennadiy-golovkin-3-in-canada/ Sat, 17 Sep 2022 18:17:11 +0000 https://wagdyghoneim.com/how-to-bet-on-saul-canelo-alvarez-vs-gennadiy-golovkin-3-in-canada/

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An era-defining trilogy fight takes center stage this weekend with Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez and Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin meeting for the third time and we’ve got a complete guide on how to bet on the big fight. . Read on to find the best boxing betting sites in Canada, as well as great free bet offers.

How to bet on Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez vs Gennadiy Golovkin 3 in Canada: Best betting sites in Canada

Mexican Alvarez, 32, puts his undisputed super middleweight crown on the line against the Kazakh, 40, in Las Vegas. Their first meeting in 2017 was a controversial draw, with Alvarez winning the rematch a year later.

For a step-by-step guide on how to bet Canada’s Great 168 Pound Showdown with Our Friends Stakesee instructions below.

  1. Click here to receive your Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez vs Gennadiy Golovkin 3 betting offers
  2. Register and make a qualifying deposit
  3. Get your sports betting Canada bonus for the long-awaited fight
  4. Place your Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez vs Gennadiy Golovkin 3 free bets on Stake and all the top sports betting sites Canada

Top Canadian Sports Betting Sites for Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez vs Gennadiy Golovkin 3


Strong points


Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez vs. Gennadiy ‘GGG’ Golovkin – Fight Info

  • 🥊 Boxing match: Saul Alvarez vs. Gennadiy Golovkin
  • 📊 Recordings: Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez (57-2-2, 39 KOs) | Gennadiy Golovkin (42-1-1, 37 KOs)
  • 📅 Date: September 17, 2022
  • 🕛 Main event Time: About. 10:30 p.m. EST
  • 🏆 Title: WBC, WBA-Super, WBO and IBF world super middleweight titles
  • 📺 TV channel: DAZN PPV
  • 🏟 Venue: T-Mobile Arena | Las Vegas, United States
  • 🎲 Fight odds: Canelo-600 | Golovkin +400

Canelo vs GGG 3 betting odds

Haven’t claimed the Canelo vs GGG 3 bet offer yet? Don’t worry, take a look at the best betting sites and claim the best bookmaker free bets. Don’t forget to also check the best offshore betting sites.

Here is a list of StakePrizes for the upcoming fight this weekend:

Odds are correct at time of publication and are subject to change

When is Saul Alvarez vs. Gennadiy Golovkin 3?

Date: Saturday September 17

Expected Ring Walks: 10:30 a.m. EST, T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, USA

Canelo vs GGG 3 TV Channel and Live Stream

TV channel: If you have DAZN on your TV, you can watch this undisputed super middleweight clash live from the T-Mobile Arena on DAZN PPVprovided you are subscribed to the channel and paid for pay-per-view.

Direct: DAZN subscribers can also catch the action online and via the DAZN app, provided you have downloaded the app to your device, subscribed to the channel and paid for pay-per-view.

Best Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez vs Gennadiy Golovkin Betting Sites In Canada

1. Wagering – 200% welcome bonus up to $2000

Those interested in Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez vs Gennadiy Golovkin betting will be pleased to know that Stake.com offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios of sporting events, as well as an excellent betting offer with a welcome bonus 200% up to $2000. Stakes The betting offerings are divided into over 35 categories, ranging from traditional sports and esports to niche sports and even political events and entertainment.

The most popular sports betting offers include: NFL, baseball, boxing, Formula 1, golf, tennis, volleyball, MMA, racing, etc. Esports betting includes Counter-Strike, Dota 2, League of Legends, StarCraft, and various other electronic leagues.

At Stake.com, you can also enjoy their promotions such as their $50,000 weekly giveaway, NBA 16+ payout, and 15% rakeback on your account.

Wager Promo Code Terms and Conditions

  • $50 minimum deposit
  • 200% deposit bonus up to $2,000
  • 10x rolling requirement
  • $2,000 Max Sports Betting Bonus
  • Deposit by bank transfer only, no credit or debit cards accepted.

2. Everygame – Up to $750 sign up bonus

If you are not registered with Every gameyou will be able to access the best mobile offshore betting site, while claiming a $750 sign-up bonus using the code INSIDER. They are the oldest on our list and have a history of providing users with thousands of fantastic odds, perfect for the start of the NFL season. The offer is simple to claim for Kentucky residents, with three $250 bonuses available on your first three deposits that will give you the maximum free bet of $750.

Everygame bonus terms and conditions

  • 100% deposit bonus up to $250
  • You can deposit up to THREE times for a maximum of $750 bonus
  • The bonus code must be redeemed immediately after deposit and before a bet has been placed.

3. Bodog – 100% deposit up to $600

bodog have a great offer for those in Canada looking to bet Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez vs. Gennadiy Golovkin this weekend, and it couldn’t be easier to sign up with them via the button below.

  • HD quality live streaming services
  • Huge bitcoin bonuses
  • Wide range of esports

4. BetOnline – $1000 Sportsbook Bonus

BetOnline has an extensive sportsbook for new customers to use, and there are a host of sports to get your teeth into if Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez vs Gennadiy Golovkin proves too difficult to predict.

BetOnline however, have a fantastic chance to prepare for this highly anticipated rematch, and there’s no better time than now to take advantage of their promotion. In addition to being able to bet on the absolute winner of the fight, users can try their hand at predicting in which round the fight will end as well as the method of victory.

BetOnline Promo Code Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum deposit of $55
  • 10x rolling requirement
  • Max $1000 sports betting bonus
  • Canada Sportsbook free bets expire in 30 days

Click the button below to get $1,000 in bonus cash to use on Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez vs. Gennadiy Golovkin

5. BetUS – Up to $2,500 deposit

BetUS is also one of the best places to check if you’re planning on claiming your NFL claim this weekend. Ready for this weekend’s action, BetUS is offering fantastic prizes across hundreds of markets. Additionally, users can try out a variety of different sports on their platform and explore their online casino.

BetUS Promo Code Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum deposit of $100
  • 10x rolling requirement
  • Max sports betting bonus of $2500
  • Kentucky Sportsbook Bonus awarded in free bets

To claim up to $2,500 in free bets for the NFL, click the button below.

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