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Pennsylvania is a destination of choice for people who travel to take pictures of the fall foliage which are also known as “leaf peeers”.

The Commonwealth is among the best places in the world to see brilliant fall colors, according to the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR).

People across the region can find out where the best colors are through DCNR’S fall foliage maps online.

Ryan Reed is a Natural Resources Program Specialist with DCNR Forestry office. He said social media has contributed to the trend of “leaf peeping,” which is a boon to the state’s economy.

“You have these people celebrating pumpkin spice and all that. As someone who cares deeply about the forest, we certainly want to take full advantage of it, ”said Reed. “People come from all over to come and see our fall foliage. I don’t think you can go anywhere else and see a better show.

He explained why the forests of Pennsylvania have such vibrant fall displays.

“Pennsylvania is right at the crossroads of the southern and northern forests, so we have the best of both worlds here,” Reed said. “We have two very strong dominant forest types. We have northern deciduous and hickory oak forests.

Reed said the leaves in the northern state layer will take on those red, orange and yellow hues first. Residents of Lehigh Valley can expect an explosion of color by mid-October.

“It’s not just the colors,” Reed said, “The process of rotting or rotting leaves produces a sweet odor, so it’s a great time of year to observe the fall foliage.

Reed says some of the area’s best displays are in Beltzville, Jacobsbourg, Hickory race, Tuscarora, Lehigh Gorge, Nockamixon, Great Pocono, Nescopeck, and Grasshopper lake state parks.

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Barnstable County seeks candidates for human rights committee http://wagdyghoneim.com/barnstable-county-seeks-candidates-for-human-rights-committee/ Sun, 19 Sep 2021 09:00:30 +0000 http://wagdyghoneim.com/barnstable-county-seeks-candidates-for-human-rights-committee/

BARNSTABLE – The Barnstable County Human Rights Advisory Commission is seeking candidates to fill vacancies from early 2022.

The mission of the nine-member volunteer commission is to promote equal opportunity in housing, employment, education and health care for all people in Barnstable, regardless of race, color, creed , gender, sexual preference, age or disability.

Responsibilities include attending monthly BCHRAC meetings, participating in one or more board committees, and assisting the Human Rights Coordinator in educating the public about BCHRAC’s mission through community and educational activities.

Interested applicants must be permanent residents of Barnstable County. Bilingual people and those with diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Interviews with selected individuals will begin the week of October 25, 2021.

A letter of interest, biography and curriculum vitae should be sent by email to susan.quinones@barnstablecounty.org or by mail to Susan Quinones, coordinator, Barnstable County Human Rights Advisory Commission, PO Box 427, Barnstable, MA 02630.

Applications must be received no later than Friday October 15, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. for review.

For more information, click here.

By, Matthew Tomlinson, CapeCod.com NewsCenter

Lost and Found and Second Chance Deals around Lubbock http://wagdyghoneim.com/lost-and-found-and-second-chance-deals-around-lubbock/ Sun, 19 Sep 2021 06:38:03 +0000 http://wagdyghoneim.com/lost-and-found-and-second-chance-deals-around-lubbock/

While some think the sweetest rewards in life are the hard-earned rewards, I feel different. Although I appreciate the importance of the effort, I cherish the graces of life even more. If it goes without saying that our work bears fruit, how can we explain that good fortune occurs without our being responsible for it?

As an example, having other pilots make up for my mistakes is just one of the ways I was spared a fate I deserved. Since so many repayments bring life, I can’t help but savor them. With that in mind, this article will cover one money-making opportunity that is made even more enjoyable by the fact that it comes from a second chance:

• What: As unlikely as it sounds, our great state has millions of forgotten accounts, uncashed checks, uncashed deposits, and abandoned safes. Over time, the money in these accounts ends up in the custody of the Texas Comptroller’s Office. In fact, because of all the oversights, there is about $ 3.8 billion waiting to be claimed by the Texans. In Lubbock alone, there are over thousands of outstanding debts.