FII will discuss business opportunities in an inflationary climate and an energy crisis

CAIRO: Equality for an unequal world, the balance between success and sustainability and the rise of the geo-economy are the key pillars of the sixth edition of the Future Investment Initiative forum, which will be held in Riyadh from October 25-27.

The event, which will be held at the King Abdulaziz International Conference Center, will explore the theme “Investing in Humanity: Enabling a New World Order”.

It will also focus on impact areas such as artificial intelligence and robotics, education, health and sustainability.

Over 6,000 CEOs, policy makers, investors, entrepreneurs and executives from around the world are expected to attend the forum, which will also include in-depth conversations on new ways to invest globally, critical analysis of industry trends and the importance of networking among world leaders.

The event continues last year’s theme of creating economic opportunity for people heavily affected by supply shocks, inflation, energy crisis and geopolitical conflict.

On its first day, the event will launch the discussion on important economic trends revolving around the meta-industrial revolution, the importance of global investment, the breakthrough of super-applications and the implementation of AI. and robotics.

Following the initial discussion, the IFI will raise its geo-economic concerns and the responsibility that rests with companies and investors.

The event program will look at energy and its role in a sustainable world, facilitating a smooth transition from harmful fossil fuels to environmentally friendly alternatives.

The UN launched the Race to Zero initiative to halve carbon emissions by the end of this decade. The event will also look in more detail at the role of investment and finance in achieving this goal.

Technology will also be one of the main pillars of the FII with the rise of innovation and digital worlds.

The FII will discuss accelerating digital transformation using augmented reality, virtual reality and the metaverse.

Other discussions will focus on the importance and evolution of the film industry as well as the next wave of innovation led by venture capitalists.

Edtech, health tech, and gaming are also part of the plan, as each industry will play a part in shaping the future.

Discussions will touch on macroeconomic topics raising the question of rising inflation and future pressures.

Additionally, the automotive sector is an industry that requires massive attention as it contributes to environmental, social and economic sustainability.

On the final day of the event, leaders will steer the conversation towards the importance of investing in sustainability, starting with the power of investing in savings.

Furthermore, venture capitalists and investors can play a major role in shaping a new world order for a sustainable future. The FII will discuss critical factors for each type of economic investment.

Founded in 2019, The Future Investment Initiative Institute is a non-profit organization led by the Saudi Public Investment Fund and founded on environmental, social and governance principles.

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