Former banker Ashish Bhandari explains social impact investing

Former Swiss private banker Ashish Bhandari shares expert insight into using private equity for positive social outcomes.

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, September 1, 2021 / – Social impact investing is now more popular than ever. An investment strategy that aims to achieve positive social results, the process can take many forms resulting in a variety of results. A former Swiss private banker, Ashish Bhandari, based in the United Arab Emirates, explains more about the philosophy.

“Social impact investing involves focusing on generating capital for often very specific beneficial social causes,” said Ashish Bhandari, speaking from his office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The focus can also be on significant environmental effects and effects, Bhandari continues. “Whether social or environmental, the emphasis of course remains on financial gains,” he adds.

With this, and according to the expert and ex-banker, social impact investments can take various forms on a large number of asset classes. One or more asset classes, he adds, are usually selected on the basis of a specific outcome.

“Whatever the basis for such investments, the aim of the process is always to use funds and investment capital subsequently to achieve positive results,” continues Ashish Bhandari, “whether environmental, social or a combination. both”.

A recent survey by the Global Impact Investing Network found that nearly 90 percent of investors who currently adopt social impact causes believe their investments consistently meet or exceed expectations.

The Global Impact Investing Network has hundreds of members in dozens of countries around the world. Founded just over ten years ago, the non-profit organization builds infrastructure and supports education, activities and research designed to facilitate and accelerate the development of the impact investing industry. .

The environment, a growing priority, says Ashish Bhandari

According to Ashish Bhandari, a particular focus on the environment forms an increasingly popular angle among those who engage in social impact investing. “Environmental angles are more prevalent today than ever,” suggests the expert, “investing with social impact in the world is now increasingly oriented towards broader concerns about green causes”.

Overall, Bhandari reports that investors who follow one or more impact investing strategies invariably favor one or the other – social or environmental. Even when the focus is on the environment, the same investors usually also place particular emphasis on broader social responsibility, he points out.

“Whatever the nature of the investments made in this area, there is invariably an underlying sense of duty,” adds Bhandari, concluding, “to positively serve global society as a whole.”

Former Swiss private banker, Ashish Bhandari currently based in the United Arab Emirates. Bhandari left a lucrative career in finance almost five years ago to start his own business.

The former banker is also the proud holder of a private pilot’s license. In his spare time, Bhandari’s personal interests include visiting the gym, reading, adopting technology, and spending time with family and friends.

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