Holiday week: recycling Christmas trees

ANDERSON, SC (WSPA) – Once the holiday season is over, you may be wondering what to do with your living Christmas tree. One green option is to recycle your tree in a lake.

Natural Resources Department Deputy Regional Director William Wood said the first step to recycling your tree is to contact the person who manages the lake reservoir near you. Once you have contacted management, there are several options available to you.

“Here at the Twin Lakes boat launch and also at the Coneross boat launch, you can just drop in if you got off and the Corp. of Engineers will use some of them to craft fish trackers, but anglers can also come and pick up a few and do their own spots somewhere, ”Wood explained.

Wood said the trees should be placed at least 5 feet underwater so that it does not pose a danger to navigation. He also said the tree will need to be ballasted with a clean anchor, like a concrete block.

“If you’re going to do this at Hartwell Lake, keep them in about 8 to 12 feet of water,” Wood explained. “Make sure you don’t put them in a river channel or right next to someone’s dock.”

Once the tree is underwater, it begins to help its environment in the lake.

“Trees provide nutrients for invertebrates, but they also provide habitat for fish. This gives the small fish a place to hide from predators. It also concentrates some of the smaller fish and gives predators a place to hunt and try to catch some of the prey fish, ”explained Wood.

Wood said it also helps fishermen in

“It gives them a place to go and fish knowing that something is there to attract the fish they are looking for,” said Wood.

Fisherman David Turner said he has been using this technique for 25 years.

“We use Christmas trees as bait. Drop it in there, the bait goes in, the bass goes in. So it works really well and gives back to the lakes, ”Turner explained.

To learn more about how to recycle your living tree, Click here.

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