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The IMPERIUM Blockchain brings you the Imperial Dollar (ICO), a crypto-asset based on natural resources and smart contracts.  Totally PRIVATE is the people's money


A revolutionary blockchain and cryptocurrency

It’s good enough that the people of the nation don’t understand our banking and monetary system, because if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.

— Henry Ford, Sr.

1221 COLLEGE PARK DR SUITE 116, DE, USA, May 25, 2022 / — The imperial dollar alias IMPERIUM be the first piece to enter SPACE by integrating the IMPERIUM block chain in the StarLink satellite system. This will allow IMPERIUM to connect in areas where there is no connectivity, while its blockchain will provide extreme security, privacy and stability through hybrid AI technology.

Ever since Bitcoin was introduced to the public in 2009 by anonymous developer, or a team of developers by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto and it has become the most beloved cryptocurrency in the world (a well deserved edict for the revolutionary breakthrough of a decentralized blockchain), thousands of the following adversaries had tried and continue to try to dethrone the reformer. After all, we live among human sharks who view each other as fierce competitors, don’t we?

But, contrary to political correctness, people are not the same. Some want to “kill” the competition, others work with it. IMPERIUM is a blockchain that was created to adopt and adapt to (the) latest technologies, being itself innovative, allowing the integration of other blockchains while welcoming the collaboration of contributors as it ventures into open source to the BENEFIT OF THE PEOPLE…
…of ALL people, not just the 1%.

IMPERIUM created the Imperial Dollar, under the acronym ICO – Imperial Coin Offer – a browser-based, peer-to-peer, decentralized, private and extremely secure cryptocurrency. Well, they prefer to call it a crypto asset, given that it is stable. (Stable, not fixed. For example, USTD or USDC are fixed). But, we’ll get to that in a minute. The most important thing is that the imperial dollar was designed to be “the people’s money”.

Earlier this week, Fran Briggs, journalist, publicist and speaker, interviewed IMPERIUM Founder, Chris Douglas, and here’s what she had to say,
FB: You mention that your very dream was to help people. Why?
CD: “Aren’t we people mistreated (also) by the financial system? What do central banks give us to keep our money in their “safe”; money that produces for them, not for us… What interest does a bank bring us? 0.01% per year. $0.04 the most? Do you see the sarcasm and contempt in that? Let’s take the crypto ecosystem and look at a one-year statistic, and see what interest these coins offer, shall we?
BTC 289%; ETH 890%; ADA 2.736%; DOGECOIN up 11,900%

CD: “Do you still believe that people will want to keep their money in the bank once they discover the true potential of cryptocurrency?”
FB: “How about the risk of investing in crypto with all that volatility it presents?”
CD: “Well, if with all this volatility we have the interest advantage above, imagine when you have a coin that is based on little or no volatility, like IMPERIUM, what can do for the citizen ordinary.
FB: Why is Imperium less volatile?
CD: IMPERIUM should exceed the best expectations because it is proven by mathematical formulas – proof of validated arguments in the architectural protocol. IMPERIUM must be powered by tangible goods, services and smart contracts; not just investors, some of whom may speculate and manipulate the market, using a “pump and dump method”.

We are talking about a piece well attached to the verifiable, which will prove its growth in geometric proportions. And the beauty of it is that ALL people have it; ALL people validate every transaction, which is what true democracy is all about. (Whisper): Nothing to do with their political correctness – or their false and misleading interpretation of democracy.

As for the WHY question above, as surprising as it may seem, Douglas has already donated his share of about $6 million when starting IMPERIUM, before keeping a penny for himself. The same goes for Douglas’s friend and partner, Brent Davies, who also donated a close equivalent to those in need.

CD: “We have allocated an amount of 10 billion ICOs, which is 100,000,000 USD today (given that our ICO is valued at 0.01 USD each) for donations to places such as orphanages, children’s hospitals, schools and universities, research on terminal illnesses, green energy programs, space, etc. When the ICO reaches $0.10, the entry will be $1 billion , and so on… And we’re just getting started…”

FB: Are there other projects that you want to integrate into the IMPERIUM blockchain?
CD: “We have a mortgage-free real estate financing program designed to finance the purchase of a home, where people can buy their home directly and, as the title suggests, without a mortgage. Everything paid off. Now—THIS…that’s the American dream, not paying ten times the price of a house for your whole life…Look at how many foreclosures there are every year. Watch how vampires (you know who you are!) manipulate inflation by causing millions to lose their homes.
FB: Is it logistically possible to donate money to this extent? Can you prove this as fact?
CD: Mathematics is a factual science. I welcome anyone who can prove our formulas wrong. My experience in life tells me that the more you give, the more you receive. It is also a fact. Let them discuss it. But you will come to us at the end of the day, to get a piece of what is yours. Because the IMPERIUM is yours. You own it. Claim!

FB: What is the plan for success?
CD: Proclaim IMPERIUM and its Imperial Dollar (ICO) “THE PEOPLE’S CASH”. John McAfee said it before me… (by the way, what a brilliant mind he is)
Wink! “Provide people with financial benefits; instant, fast, and cost-free payment transfers; launch reformed credit privileges (such as no-credit-check finance stipends for all); lend with interest comparable to ether, etc.
FB: What is the next big project?
We create the world’s first crypto exchange programmed to unite and stabilize all existing cryptos.

Gerald Douglas
+1 267-394-3209
[email protected]
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