It’s time to seize the hint

Why do Bomoseen Lake Association board members continue to pursue herbicide treatments for our water bodies while ignoring the opposition of thousands of local and state residents?

Selection committees in Castleton, Fair Haven, Hubbardton and now Shrewsbury have voted against the use of chemicals in our natural resources, and that list will continue to grow with more and more Vermonters standing up for this. which we think is right.

When will the Department of Environmental Conservation take note of Vermonters’ desires for safe and clean waters? The utter disregard the association and the department have shown in the face of public outcry — showing up for meetings, signing petitions, and our cities voting against this issue — is a direct threat to our democracy.

Our past failures to protect our natural resources are not a source of pride, but what we can be proud of is moving forward, as our little green state is doing its best, and saying no to the use of herbicides where our children swim, fish and wildlife live, and the people of Vermont call home.

The overwhelming majority do not want to use chemicals. To the Bomoseen Lake Association, it’s time to take the hint and withdraw your request to spray our lake. Believe me, our aquatic vegetation won’t harm you, but the chemicals will.

Please call and write to your legislators, and together let’s end the use of herbicides in our waters here in Vermont.

Daniel Infurna


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