Mangaluru: Awareness of natural resource management

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Mangaluru, August 9: “The need to conserve our natural resources and manage them wisely is of the utmost importance if we are to ensure that humanity survives on this planet.”

In order to further enlighten field staff, the OHRC took the opportunity to invite Dr Haridas, Manager of Climate Adapted Agriculture and Livelihoods, Caritas India, to address staff on management. natural resources on August 4, 2021.

Fr. Vincent DSouza, CODP director, welcomed the participants and introduced the resource person Dr Haridas. He also explained the relevance of the topic of the day for the field staff as they are the ones who disseminate the information and knowledge acquired to the members of the self-help group and to the community at the local level.

Dr Haridas then resumed the session and explained in detail, through a powerpoint presentation, the different aspects and components of soil and water conservation techniques.

This was the first time OHRC had conducted the outreach program through Google Meet for staff at its extension office in Kumbla who could not be present due to Covid restrictions. A total of 20 members, including the director, participated in the awareness session.

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