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OCEAN CITY, Maryland (AP) – The injuries of a Pennsylvania girl on a Maryland beach match a bite from a sandbank shark and are believed to be a first for the state, according to the Department of Natural Resources. State.

Experts made their decision after reviewing photos of the 12-year-old’s injuries shared by the Ocean City Beach Patrol, department spokeswoman Megan McGinn-Meals said in an email to The Associated Press .

There have been a few unconfirmed reports over the years, McGinn-Meals said, but this would be Maryland’s first “confirmed oceanic and coastal bite” unrelated to fishing. An angler on Assateague Island was bitten in 2014 while releasing a shark from his line and a man who was catching clams near Mills Island in Chincoteague Bay was bitten around the same time , she said.

The bite left 12-year-old Jordan Prushinski with 42 stitches for 20 cuts, family members told WBRE-TV. She was in knee-deep water in Ocean City on Monday when she limped out of the water, bleeding from her leg, the family said. Other bathers, including a paramedic and a nurse, helped provide first aid to Jordan and the family took her to the hospital.

Jordan has said she will return to the water once her stitches are removed, WJZ-TV reported.

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“Something like this is rare and rare for it to happen again,” she said.

These sharks are not aggressive and have little interaction with humans, and beachgoers shouldn’t let that stop them from enjoying the ocean, said Captain Butch Arbin of the Ocean City Beach Patrol.

“They don’t need to worry about it,” he said. “They should be more concerned with things like reverse currents.”

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