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Kim’s are more likely to complain than a Karen

Complaining is expressing dissatisfaction and when it comes to Trip Advisor reviews for the world’s most popular attractions, the “poor” and “terrible” were a little more than unhappy!

Just by beating Karen to the finish line, Kim came in first place for the female names most likely to leave a negative review. With 8 complaints from Kim in our search, the name was closely followed by Karen with 7. Showing that although Karen is the Queen’s alleged complainant, it is actually Kim who takes the title.

With a solid 6 among Susan, Sue, Sarah, Julie, Emily, Claudia and Anna, a single name cannot be singled out, but what is evident is the much lower number of negative reviews from women. . Prove that not only is Karen’s hypothesis wrong, but maybe we should look for the male equivalent.

Pauls leads the keyboard warriors

Male names leave more complaints across the board with Paul in the first place. Our data revealed 14 complaints at tourist sites under the single name of Paul, which, compared to the hundreds of names mentioned in the data to double the numbers, makes the men named Paul our biggest complainant.

402 hours spent writing negative opinions on the Eiffel Tower


Even with the names of the most common complainants, it’s easy to see how much time and energy people spend writing negative reviews online. According to consumers are 21% more likely to leave a review after a negative experience than a positive one, and when it comes to the world’s most popular tourist attractions, it was no different.

People spent 402 hours writing about their bad experiences at the Eiffel Tower, which equates to 17.5 days of negativity for a single, highly iconic attraction. While no other attraction has come close to this, Rome’s historic Colosseum has racked up 41 hours or 1.7 days of writing negative reviews online, with London’s Big Ben taking 33 hours or 1.3 days.

However, it’s not just the global attractions that people are complaining about. Every quarter, Ofcom, a regular in the telecommunications industry, releases its latest complaints report highlighting trends in customer complaints – allowing customers to check which broadband and pay-TV services are receiving the most criticism. before changing supplier.

During the chaos of 2020, the most common broadband complaints were about service and supply outages and issues. the last report of the telecoms regulator found that 48% of the complaints they received from customers about their broadband, landline, pay TV and monthly pay mobile services were about service faults and how to get them fixed.

The second most common complaint was about how providers themselves handled complaints, revealing that a reliable provider with good customer service could be even more important than price and charges.

If you’re ready to change your broadband service provider, customer complaint data is a great tool to help you find the best service for you. In addition, why not check out our broadband availability guide to learn more about the different types of broadband available for your zip code. Whether you’re a Kim, Karen, or Paul, with so much time spent complaining online, you need to make sure that you have a broadband that can handle your Warrior’s typing speed at the keyboard. Make sure you are getting the best broadband available with Uswitch on the side and compare broadband offers.

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