Pronto Insurance launches fun and memorable billboard

BROWNSVILLE, Texas, November 23, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Pronto Insurance recently launched an exciting South Texas poster campaign using bilingual, fun and memorable messages. The billboard messages were designed to be part of the company’s branding campaign that positions the company as offering Texas consumers flexible insurance services starting at the affordable price of $ 29 per month – allowing consumers to have extra cash to enjoy many other pleasures in life such as enjoying lunch or a taco and much more. Messages on the billboard include “Save a bunch, have a lunch,” “Insurance Devolada for casi nada,” “Keep the law out for less than a taco a day,” and “Save a hill, feel you fregon ”. All messages have been developed to make consumers feel good about their overall insurance decisions with Pronto Insurance.

“Pronto Insurance is about having and maintaining a relationship with our customers and we never want to treat them like a number or just another insurance policy,” said Tony Limon, vice president of marketing for Pronto Insurance. “We want to connect with our customers, personalize their insurance needs and allow them to get insurance quickly. We are very excited to launch our new poster campaign that conveys all of this and more! “

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The Billboard campaign messages were developed by Machete, a San Antonio-based advertising agency. “We have been very successful in creating a buzz for Pronto in the outside world by creating simple messages that people remember and want to read.” Said Catarino Lopez, Owner and Creative Director. “Our new pricing strategy engages consumers in fun and memorable ways while educating them about our competitive auto insurance rates. Helping cash-strapped consumers make ends meet in a tough economy is just another example of the value Pronto Insurance offers. And, if we can put a smile on their face at the same time – so much the better. ”

Pronto Insurance offers one, three and six month liability insurance policies with no credit check or bank account required with an innovative concept that includes a drive-thru window for faster and more convenient service. The company offers auto insurance, roadside assistance, insurance in Mexico, income tax preparation among a wide range of other financial services.

About Pronto Insurance

Pronto Insurance is headquartered in Brownsville, Texas, and provides quality auto and home insurance at a fair price to all Texans. The company has more than 100 locations statewide and at several selected HEB locations in the Austin, Corpus Christi, Rio Grande Valley, Laredo, San Antonio, El Paso and Houston markets. For more information on Pronto insurance, visit

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