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Posted on May 22, 2021 07:36 AM

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As the excessive construction of oversized “distribution centers” continues to spread across the Commonwealth, some of our local representatives are rolling out the welcome mat for warehouse development in the Poconos.

Nearly 200 acres of woodland in Carbon County was razed last month for the construction of a million square foot warehouse along Highway 940 in the Poconos. State Representative Doyle Heffley and State Senator John Yudichak’s enthusiastic support for this ecologically irresponsible and economically unsustainable project is a slap in the face for voters who appreciate what is most precious in our region – its healthy, unfragmented forests , its clean air and water. , natural beauty and exceptional biological diversity.

The estimate of 300 jobs is grossly exaggerated. The average number of employees in a typical warehouse is 182, according to a survey published in 2018 (Warehouse / Distribution Center Survey 2018: Automation of Managing the Workforce Crisis – Modern Material Handling ( Only 33% of respondents said they would grow their workforce as the industry becomes more and more automated.

It is unfortunate that so many of our officials place more value on “economic growth” and “tax revenues” than on the conservation and protection of natural resources which make the Poconos one of the last great. places on the planet. Some cite the “pandemic” as an excuse for unnecessary development, claiming it is part of the “economic recovery”. Yet these projects were already underway long before the pandemic, and unfortunately there will be more to come.

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