Saudi crude oil exports fall 1% in March, biggest monthly decline of the year: JODI

Indonesian President Elon Musk in talks for investment in Asian country: NRG counts

RIYADH: The Indonesian President is in talks with Tesla CEO Elon Musk regarding various investments in the country. Protesters in Suffolk oppose the construction of a nuclear power station, fearing disruption in various sectors. Elsewhere, the UK Chancellor is set to impose taxes on energy giants to protect consumers. Meanwhile, Saudi Aramco plans to create long-term shareholder value by highlighting the company’s low carbon intensity upstream. Other companies such as Foresight Group Holdings Ltd. and HydrogenOne Capital Growth Plc in the UK are acquiring stakes in a German-based hydrogen utility. Additionally, the ESG niche is expected to jump 2,000%.

Looking at the big picture:

Indonesian President Joko Widodo met with Tesla CEO Elon Musk to discuss potential investment in the Asian country’s nickel industry as well as the supply of batteries for electric vehicles, Reuters reported, citing the government.

It comes as Tesla representatives traveled to Indonesia last week to attend meetings regarding a battery-related investment, according to people familiar with the matter.

· Hundreds of protesters gathered in Suffolk on Sunday to voice their objections to the construction of the Sizewell C nuclear power station, Bloomberg reported.

Protesters claim that the construction of the nuclear power plant will lead to complications in terms of transport, water supply, biodiversity and coastal erosion.

UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak will soon impose windfall taxes on energy giants to protect households from rising costs of living, Bloomberg reported, quoting the Shadow Secretary of State to climate change and net zero Ed Miliband.

The environmental, social and governance niche is set to grow by 2,000% as some of the UK’s biggest fund managers jump into it with new funds and investment products, Bloomberg reported.

This comes as asset management firm Schroders and insurance company Aviva, among others, aim to tap into and profit from the growing demand for biodiversity-focused investment products.

Through a micro-lens:

Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil and natural gas company Aramco plans to create long-term shareholder value by leveraging low upstream carbon intensity, low lifting costs and integrated downstream operations, Reuters reported, citing the CEO of the company.

· UK capital market companies Foresight Group Holdings Ltd. and HydrogenOne Capital Growth Plc have acquired stakes in German hydrogen utility HH2E AG in addition to co-investing in energy projects, Bloomberg reported.

It comes as the companies aim to help the new company develop green energy projects in Germany and thrive together.

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