T-Mobile launches Global Plus add-on on November 9, leaked document shows

T-Mobile will soon be rolling out a new add-on for customers who take a lot of international travel.

T-Mobile will launch a Global Plus add-on tomorrow, November 9, according to internal documents shared with TmoNews. The price will be set at $ 50 and Global Plus will be available to customers with a T-Mobile One plan.

With Global Plus, customers get unlimited high-speed data while roaming a simple global country and 5 GB of use of broadband tethering in Simple Global countries. Also included are unlimited calls from Simple Global to Simple Global at $ 0.00 per minute and unlimited messaging. There are also unlimited international calling and texting within the United States, which normally cost $ 15 per month and include unlimited calling from the United States, Mexico, and Canada to mobile numbers in over 30 countries and lines. landlines in over 70 countries as well as unlimited SMS in any country in the world where SMS is available.


Finally, the leaked document states that Global Plus includes all the features of the T-Mobile One Plus International add-on, which was retired earlier this year. This add-on included features such as unlimited use of 4G LTE in Mexico and Canada, unlimited 4G LTE mobile hotspot, HD video streaming, unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi, voicemail to text and the name identifier.

This Global Plus add-on is only available for T-Mobile One voice plans. According to the leaked document, commercial, government, non-credit check and prepaid accounts are not eligible. It should also be noted that Global Plus is not intended as an add / remove function and must be in place for the entire billing cycle.

While the Global Plus add-on might not be cheap, it looks like it can be a valuable asset for T-Mobile customers who travel a lot to Simple Global’s countries. Normally Simple Global only offers unlimited 2G data, and adding T-Mobile One Plus for $ 15 only gets you up to 256kbps speeds, but Global Plus will provide you with high-speed data for help you get things done faster. As a reminder, Simple Global brings together more than 210 countries and destinations around the world. You can find the full list of Simple Global countries here.

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