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Adidas launches the NFT collection; Russia calls cryptocurrencies a ‘scam’

Adidas has teamed up with non-fungible token specialist Bored Ape Yacht Club, cryptocurrency investor Gmoney and Punks Comic to launch their own set of NFTs as the sportswear brand sinks deeper into the metaverse.

The Adidas Originals NFT collection, which went on sale Friday, provides access to virtual clothing for the blockchain-based gaming metaverse The Sandbox. It will also produce physical products including a hoodie, tracksuit and beanie.

“As part of our ambition to celebrate the ideas that define a new era of originality, we have landed at the forefront of creativity, which is the open metaverse,” said Erika Wykes-Sneyd, vice president of marketing and of Adidas Originals communication, in a press release. sent to News. “It’s a natural place for Adidas Originals: a wild world where the possibilities are truly limitless and where everyone can express and be rewarded for their most original ideas. “

The Adidas NFTs will be available at at 0.2 ETH ($ 766) per unit. Virtual and physical wearables will be available in 2022.

Targeting a very different audience, former U.S. First Lady Melania Trump has launched her own NFT platform, with a portion of the proceeds going to help foster children.

The first NFT, a watercolor by French artist Marc-Antoine Coulon titled “Melania’s Vision”, will be available for purchase until the end of the year for 1 SOL ($ 150), the cryptocurrency of the Solana blockchain protocol.

Elsewhere, Russia’s central bank stepped up its campaign against private cryptocurrencies on Friday.

Valeriy Lyakh, head of his market misconduct department, said in a video that investing in cryptocurrencies was a “total scam” and a “financial pyramid”.

The market was volatile and had no regulations, Lyakh said, adding that no one had investigated the manipulations.

Russia has opposed private cryptocurrencies for years, saying they could be used for money laundering or to finance terrorism.

Although he gave them legal status in 2020, he banned their use as a means of payment.

“We have a negative attitude towards cryptocurrencies. We definitely do not support any broadcast of it in our country, ”Lyakh said in the video.

Sources told Reuters on Thursday that Russia’s central bank saw financial stability risks in the growing number of crypto transactions and called for a “complete rejection” of them, pushing bitcoin down.

In response to Reuters’ request for comment, the central bank said it was preparing an advisory report to set out its position on the matter. He did not comment on the details.

In the markets, bitcoin fell 3.8% to $ 47,238 at 12:30 p.m. in London, while Ethereum was down 5.6% to $ 3,841.


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