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NBCUniversal’s Peacock streaming service is the latest in a long list of platforms set to hit the market, but the big question is, when will Peacock be available in the UK?

What is the peacock?

In order to compete in a world where Netflix, Disney Plus and HBO Max dominate the market, NBCUniversal is the latest network to announce the launch of its own dedicated streaming service.

While some newer content creator streaming services have fairly limited offerings at launch –– like Apple TV + and Quibi –– Peacock will include content from multiple NBCUniversal channels. As one of America’s most popular major networks, NBC offers a wealth of exclusive content, as well as an extensive catalog of TV shows and movies, which will be available to subscribers from launch day.

What TV shows air on Peacock?

Like most streaming services, Peacock will host both original content as well as a library of classic TV shows and movies. Peacock’s original content will recruit household names like Mike Schur, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Jimmy Fallon, but will also feature spinoffs from The Real Housewives and SNL as well as reboots of classic shows like Battlestar Galactica, Saved By The Bell, MacGruber and Punky Brewster.

New Original TV Shows on Peacock

At launch, NBCUniversal’s Peacock offers a number of new scripted shows, including Brave New World, a dystopian series based on Aldous Huxley’s bestselling novel of the same name; Hatching Twitter, an anthology series on the infamous social media site; and The Adventure Zone, a family-based animated series that plays Dungeons and Dragons-style games together.

Classic TV Shows on Peacock

Most of the time, you might not be in the mood to watch a new show and would rather watch a classic NBC comedy instead. Here are some classic NBC shows you can stream on Peacock:

Parks and Recreation 30 Rock The Real Housewives Will & Grace Saturday Night Live Cheers House Escape to the Chateau Heroes The Affair Yellowstone

Prime productions on Peacock

A licensing agreement with ViacomCBS means Peacock will also include a number of Paramount movies and shows, including:

Ray Donovan The Affair Charmed Undercover Boss Everybody Hates Chris The Godfather Trilogy American Beauty Catch Me If You Can.

Does Friends on Peacock?

Unfortunately, Friends will not be available to stream on Peacock. While the hit ’90s show originally aired on NBC, it was produced by Warner Bros. TV. And since WarnerMedia has invested a significant amount in its own streaming service, you’ll need to sign up for HBO Max if you want to watch classic episodes like “The One Where No One Is Ready” or “The One Where Everyone Finds Out” yet. and even.

Is The Office US on Peacock?

NBCUniversal’s beloved remake of the classic BBC comedy series will eventually go exclusive to Peacock, but for now it’s still available in the UK on Amazon prime.

There is no official word from Amazon yet on when it will be retired. However, given that Netflix US recently announced that it will no longer stream The Office US from January 2021, it’s safe to assume that the same will be true for UK viewers using Prime.

When does Peacock launch?

NBC’s Peacock is already available in the US, but there is still no official UK launch date. Since Sky and NBC are both owned by parent company Comcast, NBC previously said Peacock will be available for Sky television customers in Europe at some point.

If Peacock is distributed by Sky in Europe, we can expect it to be available in the UK as well as Ireland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

No other region has yet been confirmed for Peacock, which includes Latin America, Asia and Oceania.

How much does Peacock cost?

One of the most unique features of NBCUniversal’s streaming service is that it launched with a free option. Subscribers to Peacock Free –– which will be ad-supported –– will be able to watch new seasons of television airing within a week of their airing, several classic television shows, movies and a number of exclusive new Peacock originals.

Peacock Premium costs $ 4.99 per month on a continuous subscription (which works out to around £ 3.80 at the time of writing) for an ad-supported version and $ 9.99 per month (around £ 7.60) for the ad-free version. Peacock Premium has the added benefit of next day access to ongoing seasons of returning shows as well as access to all Peacock Originals and a wider range of sporting events.

In the United States, Comcast and Cox cable TV subscribers get Peacock Premium at no additional cost, suggesting that a similar option could eventually be offered to Sky TV subscribers.

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