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UNION – The Union Select board of directors has authorized a management agreement to allow the new nonprofit Thompson Memorial to take control of the Thompson Community Center at their meeting on Tuesday, January 4, held via Zoom.

The board of directors also adopted a special municipal assembly mandate for Jan. 25 to terminate the previous lease with the Thompson Community Center Association and authorize the spending of city funds on the building.

The association informed the city of its intention to end the lease as of December 31, 2021. This non-profit organization has been overseeing the building’s operations since signing a 99-year lease with the city at the end of the years. 1980s.

City attorney Roger Therriault prepared the management agreement.

Therriault said the reason for the deal and the town meeting was the lease with the Thompson Community Center Association. The municipality cannot enter into a new lease before having terminated the previous one.

“A lease would be a violation of anything with the (Thompson Community Center Association),” Therriault said. “The deal is to put in place an authority to allow the new nonprofit to operate the building.”

Because the previous lease was authorized by a vote of the municipal assembly, Therriault said it must be terminated in the same way.

The management agreement allows the nonprofit Thompson Memorial Association to resume operation of the building until voters decide on a long-term plan at the June town hall meeting. The wording of the agreement also allows for an extension or premature termination if necessary.

The Thompson Memorial Association will report directly to the Union Select Board of Directors.

The deal will go to the Thompson Memorial Association for approval on Jan.5, although chief executive Jay Feyler has said Therriault needs to make changes to the document, which then needs to be resubmitted to the Union’s board of directors. Select. This would leave the building unmanaged until then.

The Jan. 25 Town Hall mandate asks voters to authorize the spending of the city’s unallocated fund balances for the benefit of the Thompson Community Center and to reimburse this amount through taxes in the 2022-2023 budget. .

Therriault said funds spent from the unrestricted funds balance should be replaced to avoid a reduction in the unrestricted fund balance.

The wording of the mandate asks how much the voters will authorize the council to spend, but recommends $ 30,000.

The original wording recommended $ 25,000. Board chairman Adam Fuller said $ 25,000 should cover building expenses, but other board members supported the increase to $ 30,000 for unforeseen expenses.

“I would hate to see us come in April and find out we’re running out of money,” said Board member Bill Lombardi.

Fuller said the $ 25,000 was a realistic number based on his calculations, but agreed it didn’t leave much room. “When I do the math, it’s pretty close,” he said.

Fuller added that the Thompson Memorial Association should offset and reduce these costs as much as possible through fundraising and other means.

The council also tasked the city’s Thompson Community Center committee, a separate entity from the non-profit organization, to consider long-term options for the building and present them to council.

“Bring specific numbers to take to voters,” Fuller said.

The municipal meeting on January 25 will take place at 6:30 p.m. in the William Pullen meeting room.

The next board meeting will be on January 18th.

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