Unsung Heroes of Apple Inc. (AAPL). Where are they now?

Apple Inc. owes a much to Steve Jobs like he’s been the driving force that helped Apple establish itself as one of the world’s most valuable technology companies. He did seek help from others, however, whose talent helped him build Apple. Unfortunately, most of them did not get the recognition they deserved and were forgotten.

Scott assigned numbers to each Apple employee

A report from Business Insider has been trying to find out what they’re doing these days. BI approached Michael Scott, Apple’s first CEO. He helped gain insight into the early days of the business while Steve Wozniak helped compile a list of early employees based on what he remembered. Another early bird helped BI get the full list.

Employees have been given numbers, but they are not in the order in which they joined the company. In order to make things easier for the payroll department, Scott had to assign numbers to each employee when they came to Apple.

Gary Martin (# 10) was in charge of the accounting. He worked with Apple Inc. until 1983, then joined Starstruck, a company that worked on space travel. Next in the list is Sherry Livingston (# 9), who was Apple’s first secretary. She was a big help from the CEO. Scott, who hired her, said that when Apple started out, she did all the work for the company.

Next is Chris Espinosa (No.8), who joined Apple at the age of 14 as a part-time job while in high school. He still works with Apple and is the oldest employee at this point. Scott was the first CEO and he assigned himself number 7 in reference to James Bond 007. He was popularly known as Scotty, and picked all the numbers for the employees and organized the company.

Next in the list is Randy Wigginton, whose main job was to rewrite BASIC to work for the Apple II, Scott said – in an interview with BI. He worked with several leading companies after leaving Apple, such as Chegg, Google, Square, and eBay, among others.

Job is not number one

Employee number. 5 was Red Holt, who was a highly regarded designer and played an important role in the development of the Apple II. He helped develop the power supply for it. He spent six years with the iPhone maker, after which new management took him out of the company.

Bill Fernandez was hired as the first employee by Jobs and Wozniak. He worked with Apple Inc. until 1993, then changed jobs to work with Ingres, a database company. Currently he is working with Omnibiotics as CEO. Employee number. 3 is Mike Markkula, who invested $ 25,000 in Apple and took 30% of the company in return. He carried out activities such as running the company, hired the first CEO and developed a business plan.

Scott gave Jobs number 2. When asked why not. 1, he says “I didn’t give it to Jobs because I thought it would be too much.” Steve Wozniak, employee n ° 1, was the technical expert.

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