Vice Chairman of the City of Iowa Human Rights Commission and UI Instructor Jason Glass to Introduce themselves to the City of Iowa City Council

As a University of Iowa instructor and leader of the Iowa City Human Rights Commission, Glass is seeking a vacant seat on the Iowa City Council for the election of November 2.

Vice Chairman of the Iowa City Human Rights Commission and University of Iowa instructor Jason Glass announced his candidacy for the Iowa City Council election on November 2.

Glass is looking for the vacant seat of City Councilor Susan Mims. Mims said The daily Iowan in January that she will not continue her re-election.

Glass, who has lived in Johnson County for 16 years and teaches at the UI Tippie College of Business, is a consultant for Glass People Solutions and a current member of the Iowa National Guard.

Since Glass was appointed to the Iowa City Human Rights Commission in January, Glass has said he has been heavily involved in discussions about race and the police in Iowa City.

“I’ve built a lot of relationships with people and I have a sort of rational, non-partisan approach to things,” Glass said. “We need more people like that in politics who are willing to listen and not just use bumper sticker talking points.”

Glass said every item on the city council’s agenda deserves special attention, from wastewater treatment and maintenance to equity issues.

“I think sometimes at the local level we lose sight of some of the things that don’t make the headlines when it comes to making the city run smoothly,” Glass said.

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Johnson County will receive approximately $ 29 million in COVID-19 relief funds from the American Rescue Plan to provide relief after the pandemic.

City council will need to focus on inflowing US bailout money over the next year, Glass said. Glass said he wanted to make sure the money was distributed to those who were left behind during the pandemic and benefit the community in the short and long term.

“One of the most important decisions is what we do with this money,” Glass said.

With federal funding, Glass said Iowa City has the opportunity to really address some potentially systemic issues.

“Iowa City is facing a critical time given debates over law enforcement and race, health and financial impacts of the pandemic, as well as housing and food insecurity in a community in full growth, ”Glass said in a campaign press release.

Following Megan Alter’s announcement to run for the city council general election, Glass is the second candidate to run.

Glass said he plans to run for one of the two open councilor seats in November, but will leave the door open to run for the only seat available in District B.

Glass said he plans to officially announce the seat he’s running for in August.

“If there’s a whole bunch of people jumping into one or the other, it might make a difference,” Glass said. “At the end of the day, I have a choice, but my plan for now is to run big.”

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