Yorktown Naval Weapons Base Wins 2021 SECNAV Environmental Award for Conservation of Natural Resources

210408-N-LL092-001 YORKTOWN, Va. (April 22, 2021) Felgates Creek, located on NWS Yorktown, is home to bald eagles and a variety of flora and fauna. (WYDaily / Courtesy of NWS Yorktown Public Affairs Office)

YORKTOWN – Naval Weapons Station Yorktown recently received the 2021 Secretary of the Navy’s Environmental Award for conserving natural resources.

Naval Weapons Station (NWS) Yorktown is committed to being a good steward of its legacy natural resources. Over the past two years, NWS Yorktown’s Natural Resources Program has made great strides in strengthening its commitment to natural resource management and innovative strategies to foster a balance between resource protection and operational requirements.

“My favorite aspects of being a Facility Commander are the environmental programs that enrich our natural and cultural resources.” said Captain Jason J. Schneider, commanding officer of NWS Yorktown. “However, my enthusiasm is pale in comparison to the passion and enthusiasm of our environmental team. I think it pushed us to the top and solidified our victory.

Highlights of NWS Yorktown’s natural resources program during fiscal year 2019-2020 include: working with the Virginia Institute of Marine Science and other external partners to restore and stabilize over 900 feet of shoreline and 3, 45 navy land aces totaling 1.1 million funds for integrating preparedness and environmental protection prepare a forest fire management plan establishing 263 management blocks totaling 3,129 acres where fire directed can be used as a management tool and save about $ 80,000 in tree felling costs; and fish and wildlife management measures, including support for annual Virginia Department of Wildlife monitoring programs and Virginia Wildlife Action Plans using internal and volunteer support.

NWS Yorktown and its areas of responsibility have over 13,000 acres in the Chesapeake Bay watershed in Virginia, including 7,213 acres of forest, 2,602 acres of wetland and 37 miles of shoreline.

Our natural resources program is integral to the health of the Chesapeake Bay watershed and our ability to successfully respond to NWS Yorktown’s core mission of providing responsive and quality support for reception and storage. explosive ordnance, maintenance, logistics, research and development, training and operations; war training for Sailors and Marines and other services.

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