Young people play an important role in the protection, conservation of natural resources

Cambodia’s rich biodiversity and natural resources need to be nurtured and protected by the people of the country, especially the Cambodian youth.

In addition to the participation of the people and the youth, national and international organizations have also contributed to the maintenance and protection of natural resources in Cambodia.

Fauna in Focus sensitized about 50 students from Kampong Thom and Siem Reap to the protection of biodiversity and the environment in a lake in the commune of Chreav. Siem Reap Town, Siem Reap. The area has been considered a conservation area.

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Chea Samban, President of Fauna in Focus, said the purpose of this education is to inspire young people with the mindset and knowledge to participate in the protection of natural resources and biodiversity. The children were educated in the conservation area so they could see the conservation effort in the area.

“To protect the environment, they must be educated and first understand natural resources and biodiversity, because when they understand it, they love it.” Samba said.

Mong Bunlim, Director of Siem Reap Forestry Administration, said young people have an important role to play in protecting forests and natural resources, and education plays an important role in realizing the vision and ensuring the quality and sustainability of forests.

“The involvement of young people in the conservation of forests and natural resources is good for our country,” he said.

Bunlim considered the environmental and natural resources management training course organized by the organization as an important contribution to modernization to achieve labor policy goals.

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